Blue Bottle Tree Cover Reveal

Cursing shelves on October 24th...Blue Bottle Tree is a Southern Gothic tale filled with Voodoo, danger, and misfit high school love and is simply not to be missed! There’s no such thing as Voodoo. At least, that’s what most of the Baptists in Bellin tell themselves. But Seven LaVey knows better. In a small rural town just outside of Nashville, Voodoo conjures and curses simmer and seethe under the noses of the many who will never know. Seventeen-year-old Seven romanticizes about the meaning of life while held captive as a zombie under the shell of a kiddie pool. He's counting on the strength - and maybe even love - of a certain redheaded clarinet player to save him. But will she? Filled wit

Jen Castleberry Burns Through Traditional Gender Roles

“Jen Castleberry is a fresh new voice in young adult/new adult fiction. A Wild and Unremarkable Thing will appeal to established fans of fantasy and should garner new fans as well, with its deft subversion of gender tropes and traditional roles. Both male and female readers alike will find a great deal to love in Cody/Cayda as she struggles with her identity and the destiny that she must fulfill.” – Amy Martin, author of the In Your Dreams series [ph] What was the inspiration behind A Wild and Unremarkable Thing? [jc] I find that I’m always writing stories about sisters, or about friendship that feels like sisterhood. I’m one of three girls, and that bond resonates so powerfully with me;



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