Once Upon a Time . . . Made New: Retelling A Unknown Classic

“Allerlierauh” is one among the unknown and unfamiliar fairy tales in the Grimm Brother’s collection. Charles Perrault wrote his own unique version of the story entitled, “Donkeyskin.” I’ve been entranced with this story since I was a child – completely enraptured by the details of the magical gowns the princess requests and wears to the ball. But there was something about her story that stuck with me throughout my life. When I had the opportunity, I knew it was her story that I wanted to write. Donkeyskin Allerleirauh or “All-Kinds-of-Fur” When I approached writing my own version of the story, I wanted to stay true to the fairy tale. But I also felt it to be really important to delve deeper

Our Royal Interview with Prince Klaus

Firstly, The Parliament House just wanted to thank Prince Klaus for showing up to grace us with his royal presence for this majestic interview... [ph] If we had to ask members of your palace to describe you in less than ten words, what would they say? [pk] Lord Crestwood would say just, perhaps? Willful, stubborn. . . he often says I’m foolish because of my ideals about love. Adelais would say I’m kind, playful and good. I’ve heard from time to time that my people think I’m brave but . . . ‘too young to rule.’ As for Aurelia, I hope that she thinks I’m kind and understanding. . . One day, I’d like her to know how I feel about her. [ph] If you only had one more day to spend with Aurelia, how



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