The Sorting Hat Houses Our Editors...

As bookish people, we're sure most of you out there have taken your turn under the Sorting Hat and now have a pretty good idea about where you belong in the Wizarding World. Recently, we put our very own Parliament House editors to the test and the Sorting Hat was compelled to, once again, voice its opinion. Here's what it had to say... Jen Castleberry Hello everyone! My name is Jen Castleberry. I’m the author of A Wild and Unremarkable Thing, a YA Fantasy in which a girl, forcibly disguised as a boy, encounters a prince, a god, and a spiraling sociopath on her way to slay a dragon. I’m also a Content Editor with Parliament House Publishing. I’m here to offer constructive feedback and action

Acquisition Announcement: Lanterns in the Sky by Pagan Malcolm

Parliament House acquisitions is pleased to announce the procuration of Lanterns in the Sky, a new fantasy novel, by Pagan Malcolm, pitched to us during the last #Pitchmad of the year! If the stars were lanterns in the sky, lit by angels to create a barrier to protect our world, what would happen if that barrier broke? The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Everything was normal for Lucy Maisfer until the day a star fell from the sky and knocked her out. Upon waking, she comes face-to-face with Jason Woods, who also happens to be the mysterious new guy in her best friend, Valarie's, life. Then the strange dreams begin, and she learns about the Starlight Princess— who must not under any circ

Are Our Characters Naughty or Nice?

Whether or not you believe ol' Saint Nick is a work of fiction or fact, there is little argument over where he might place some of our very own fictional (yet extremely morally-conflicted) characters. Readers have yet to be introduced to some of our newer heroes and villains, but as well all gear up for the new year, what better way is there to get to know who is about to either burn down or hold up your bookshelves... Be warned, however. You may want to make a list (and check it twice) when deciding which of these characters to invite to your next holiday party. Laurence Cursed: The Hunter Inside by Casey M. Millette Nice - Laurence is by far one of the least intense of the members of the g

Trailer Reveal! A Wild And Unremarkable Thing is Gripping, Evocative, and Everything We Need in 2018

Without further ado, The Parliament House is pleased to reveal the official book trailer for A WILD AND UNREMARKABLE THING by author now bestselling author Jen Castleberry! Cayda has spent her entire life training to slay a Fire Scale. Now the time has come to leave her dragon-ravaged village behind, march into the Summer Alps, and reap the rewards of a Champion. But the road between poverty and prosperity is rife with beasts, betrayals, and baser temptations. Sensible Cayda soon discovers she’s not the only Champion with her eye on the prize, or the only one wearing a disguise. A Wild and Unremarkable Thing pits girl against dragon in a stunning blend of Greek mythology and medieval lore.

Acquisition Announcement: The Halves of Us Trilogy by Sydney Paige Richardson

Parliament House acquisitions is pleased to announce the procuration of The Halves of Us, a new trilogy by author Sydney Paige Richardson. While Investigating a deadly attack by the dark souls of a dangerous neighboring kingdom, twin sisters uncover a century old family secret, and the curse bound to divide their royal family in this young adult dark fantasy. THE HALVES OF US Trilogy was acquired to Chantal Gadoury at The Parliament House Press, in a three-book deal, for publication in Winter 2018, by Rebecca Angus at Golden Wheat Literary (World). Sydney Paige Richardson is an accomplished photographer from Texas known for creating new worlds through her conc

COVER REVEAL - Cursed: The Hunter Inside

TPH unveils the cover of YA high fantasy Cursed: The Hunter Inside (Book One) by Casey M. Millette, arriving March. 27, 2018. A war has been raging between kings for and clans for centuries. Nations split and kingdoms fall. Caught in the midst of the war, twenty-year-old Aldor faces a choice; leave home and start his life, or stay and protect what little he has. Aldor has only made one friend in his life and has never seen a legendary creature before. As soon as he steps outside his door, he finds himself an outlaw; hunted by creatures of pure fantasy. Then, he is asked by a king to recover something legendary . . . a lost stone. Whoever reaches it first will be unstoppable. Aldor is forced

The Parliament House Welcomes Candace Robinson

Seems as though we've been making a lot of acquisition announcements lately, and we are showing no signs of slowing down! Tomorrow (December 7th) marks a very exciting day for the indie community. If you haven't heard of #PitMad on twitter (especially if you're an indie author, or want to be) you're missing out! #PitMad is a twitter-wide event that lasts an entire day. Authors are invited to pitch their new book projects only utilizing their twitter-allotted 140 characters or less! (Think writing a synopsis is a challenge? Think again!) Our very own acquisition editor, Mary Bernsen will be one of the participating editors, scouring tweets for that diamond in the rough! But #PitMad is not the



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