Cover Reveal: NINE WHILE NINE, A Gripping Dark Fantasy, A Dance With Death

NINE WHILE NINE by Stasia Morineaux is the highly-anticipated debut to the NINE WHILE NINE LEGACY! Morineaux introduces to us a world of Celtic magic and danger. In this thrilling debut, the dead can dance! Once again, Bookstagrammers are lighting up Instagram today with their #coverlove! Be sure to take a look! And doesn't this cover totally give you the best kind of dark fantasy vibes??? NINE WHILE NINE by Stasia Morineaux sweeps onto bookshelves July 24th, 2018! Isabeau Finne’s perfect world utterly unravels when she meets Death's right-hand man one fateful night, spiraling her life into a world of chaos and the impossible. Suddenly, she is no longer Isabeau and becomes part of the most

Writer Wednesday: Advice to Newbie Authors Starting Out In Publishing

You've got your book written, and you're ready to submit it. But suddenly, it's like a black hole as swallowed up your world. Where do I go? How do I pitch publishers? Is my book ready to be published? Let's slow down for a second— publishing is not something you should rush into. In many ways, the book industry can be seen as competitive, and when you think you've got the 'next big thing', it's tempting to go full steam ahead and get it out into the world as quickly as possible. But that will most certainly set you up for failure. There are three key things you should think about if you're just starting out in the publishing world, and here they are: 1. Before You Start Publishing, You Shou

Cover Reveal of a New Series! "The Bone Roses" is your new Western Steampunk Adventure!!!

THE BONE ROSES by Kathryn Lee Martin is the highly-anticipated debut to the SNOW SPARK SAGA. With pages filled with excitement, danger, and revenge, this book is sure to captivate right from the beginning to the very last! Once again, Bookstagrammers are breaking the internet with their #coverlove! Be sure to take a look on Instagram today! THE BONE ROSES by Kathryn Lee Martin storms bookshelves May 8th, 2018! Sixteen-year-old Rags is the most feared Rustler in the world, and for good reason. When she’s not raiding the post-Yellowstone Kingdom’s established settlements for supplies to keep her frontier, Rondo, alive another day, she’s fending off witch hunt-happy villagers who want her rare

#FANDOMFRIDAY: Getting to Know Jen Castleberry

Have you seen this bad boy around? A WILD AND UNREMARKABLE THING was written by bestselling author, Jen Castleberry, was just recently released on January 23rd, 2018. Today we asked Jen Castleberry to join us for our #FANDOMFRIDAY Interview! If you aren't already, be sure to follow Jen on all of her social media platforms: Website: Goodreads: Jen Castleberry Facebook: /JenCastleberryBooks Instagram: /Jen_Castleberry Twitter: @Jen_Castleberry Tumbler: TheRealJenCastleberry Thanks for joining us today, Jen! We're so excited to have you today for our #FANDOMFRIDAY! Let's talk about your recent release of A WILD AND UNREMARKABLE THING! What is the name of your latest book, and

Cover Reveal! Nocturnal Meetings of the Misplaced is for fans of 'Stranger Things'...

NOCTURNAL MEETINGS OF THE MISPLACED by R.J. Garcia promises to be just as exciting and captivating as the Netflix hit 'Stranger Things.' When foster kids find family with one another and link up to investigate a sinister mystery, will anyone believe them when they finally uncover the truth? This novel is sure to draw you onward to the next chapter, and the next, and the next. . . And this cover... is... conversation-starting! Bookstagrammers are breaking the internet with their #coverlove! 🤩 NOCTURNAL MEETINGS OF THE MISPLACED by author R.J. Garcia blasts to bookshelves May 1st, 2018! Mystery surrounds the town of Summertime, Indiana, where fifteen-year-old Tommy Walker and his little sist

Writer Wednesday: How Social Media Has Influenced My Career As An Author

I was recently at #YADay in Melbourne, Australia, and there were four industry professionals on the forth panel for the day. I asked them: "As an author, what can I be doing to help with marketing my book?" Every. Single. One of them said 'social media'— and I can 100% back that up without being told. But it just shows you how impactful our social world is when even the professionals are saying it. Social media has been incredibly impactful to me as an author. I grew up in regional Australia. In fact, I still live there. It's not close to any big cities, it's fairly isolated from other towns, and we don't even have a bookshop. Last year, our town went through a devastating cyclone which left


Watch the stunning book trailer for the upcoming beginning to the Cursed Series, CURSED: THE HUNTER INSIDE by Casey M. Millette! Aldor has only made one friend in his life and has never seen a legendary creature before. As soon as he steps beyond his door, he finds himself an outlaw, hunted by creatures of pure fantasy. Forced into joining a team of misfits in a race to recover a sacred, lost stone, Aldor finds unexpected friendships and adventure. But just as things start to look promising, disaster strikes, wielding the unexpected and the terrifying! Aldor's life will never be the same as he struggles with true feelings of fear, loss, love, and suffering for the very first time. Watch the

Of Light and Darkness will cast a spell.... and leave you THIRSTING for more!

Since 2011, readers have slowly come to discover and love Of Light and Darkness. Now, after a three-year hiatus, bestselling author Shayne Leighton returning to the Occult City with new branding and a new look at her dark and magical world.... Of Blood and Magic by Shayne Leighton is the highly-anticipated second installment in the Of Light and Darkness series coming April 24th!!! Have you read Of Light and Darkness? Are you ready to be welcomed back to the Occult City? OBAM picks up where OLAD left off.... And these new covers... are... breathtaking! Bookstagrammers are breaking the internet with their #coverlove! 🤩 A stunning debut that is a fiercely imaginative, multilayered dark fantasy

Writer Wednesday: Why I Write

This is an interesting question. Reading The Outsiders by S.E Hinton at age 12 catapulted my writing. I think being a writer goes deeper than connecting with a certain story. That connection alone makes us a reader. I think there are two main reasons why I write. The first is letting my imagination run wild is just fun, an escape, the greatest high for me. When I was little it started with playing pretend. In grade school, I was bullied a lot. I couldn’t wait to come home and pretend to be somebody else, with some other life. Another reason, I write to explore things that I don’t understand. When I was a kid, I played with a boy named Joey. He had a beautiful dirt-streaked face and wore the

Cover Reveal and New Series Release! Check Out Soul Seekers for a spooky thrill!

THE LEAK OF MADNESS by Alice J. Black is the highly-anticipated prequel to the SOUL SEEKERS SERIES (an extended series of novellas that will be rolling out every other month all year long!) and it's available TODAY!!! Do you plan on going ghost hunting with Peyton? Because we've also revealed the cover of Book One: THE DARKNESS WITHIN, which picks up where THE LEAK OF MADNESS left off.... Today we have the official cover reveal for Book One after the prequel.... Drumroll please... WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! What are your thoughts? If you're wondering about physical copies, The Parliament House plans to release paperback and hardback for the entire boxset in the middle of 2019!!! Lot's of excitemen

Cover Reveal! Second Book In The Hightower Trilogy

WINDSWEPT by Jadie Jones is the highly-anticipated second installment in The Hightower Trilogy and it's coming soooo soon!!! What's next for Tanzy and Lucas? WINDSWEPT picks up where WILDWOOD left off.... And this cover... is... stunning! Bookstagrammers are breaking the internet with their #coverlove! 🤩 Today we have the official cover reveal.... Drumroll please... The mood over in our office is, 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊 What's going on with Tanzy? That horse is gorgeous!! The coloring is so serene, yet that super-power thingy in the middle invites back into a world Unseen... WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! WINDSWEPT by bestselling author Jadie Jones sweeps onto bookshelves May 22nd 2018! Tanzy's journey continues



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