Today, The Hightower Trilogy Continues...

Tanzy and Lucas are back in another high-flying adventure of magic, alternate dimensions, family tragedy, betrayal, revenge, and always a little romance. WINDSWEPT is the highly-anticipated second installment of THE HIGHTOWER TRILOGY by Jadie Jones. *THE AUTHOR IS DOING A GIANT GIVEAWAY FOR RELEASE DAY! ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE!* Of course, readers became enamored by Jadie's characters last fall when WILDWOOD was released, instantly climbing Amazon's category lists and reaching Top 100 status in multiple fantasy categories. You won't want to miss this exciting second installment. Look for the third book in Spring of 2019! #contemporaryfantasy #announcement #newbooks #urbanfantasy #paranormal

We Are Pleased to Introduce to You...

Right on the heels of some very successful book releases (The Bone Roses by Kathryn Lee Martin hit #1 in Steampunk three days in a row and Nocturnal Meetings of the Misplaced maintained ranking in its Top 100 Categories for two weeks straight) we are very pleased to formally introduce you to three, brilliant new additions to The Parliament House Family, authors of diverse backgrounds and walks of life who will bring more fabulous culture to our fantastical worlds : 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Each of the following titles was acquired by Parliament House Acquisitions Editor, Mary Bernsen. Gerardo Delgadillo Gerardo Delgadillo is the author of the brand new YA contemporary fantasy novel, FRACTALISTIC, about a yo

Read the First Chapter of THE BONE ROSES!

We are so thrilled to introduce the first installment of Kathryn Lee Martin's highly-anticipated Western / Steampunk adventure... THE BONE ROSES, first in her SNOW SPARKS SAGA releasing everywhere TOMORROW!!! In celebration, we're releasing the first chapter one day early for your reading pleasure... I watch the widow’s gnarled hands count out each copper kik on the weathered market stall’s countertop and finger the switchblade in my left hand. Knives are cheating when it comes to this sort of thing but playing fair is a surefire way to die. Especially now that they put the flyers up and tripled the bounty on me—dead or alive. The wolfskin satchel’s leather strap pulls across my water-staine

Writer Wednesday: You Are a Writer: Repeat.

Where do I start? Well first grab a pen and some paper – or set your fingers on the keyboard (turn the computer on) ­ ­– and just write. I struggled so long on how to be a writer, without even realizing I as one all along. Imposter syndrome is a real thing, y’all. But guess what – you’re a writer. Own it. Say it to yourself. Aloud. Repeat. You are a writer. Finding Inspiration I find using my circumstances or emotions to my creative advantage suits me. I have an overactive mind and suffer from very vivid dreams and night terrors. Night Terrors have plagued me since I was a child, and as I got older I decided to use them to my advantage to help them seem less terrifying (after the fact) and n



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