5 Essentials for When the Coven Hits Convention

By now, the season is in full swing. Cue summer solstice, BBQ weekends, and airline travel—not to mention that ridiculously high pollen count. It's also the time of year that there seems to be a fan convention happening every other weekend. Whether you're heading to San Diego Comic Con in July, or Manhattan's BookCon coming up in a week, there are a few essentials—both witchy and mundane—you'll want to bring 5. Sharpies and Pens: Though it might seem trivial, a Sharpie is one of the most important things to bring in your convention arsenal. Bring your classic black ink marker, or opt for one of the fancier metallic versions; they are a must, simply because you never know when you might come

COVER REVEAL: Unspoken by Celia McMahon

The cover gods are smiling upon us today, because it took a little extra magic to come up with this one... This morning, we reveal to you the stunning, new cover for werewolf fantasy Unspoken by debut author, (who lives in beautiful ITALY, by the way!) Celia McMahon! THIS is the cover for the novel that goes beyond everything you thought you knew about shifters... ✨The Voiceless made a pact with demons of the seven hells and can change into giant, ferocious wolves.✨ What do you think of this cover? PRE-ORDER HERE The Voiceless have been stripped of their land, poisoned, and forced into war with kings for decades. It is said that they made a pact with demons of the seven hells and can change

COVER REVEAL: Meatspace by Asa Tait

It's nothing like The Parliament House has ever released before! Today, we are delving into the depths of the unshakably disturbing idea that a future similar to the universe in Meatspace by Los Angeles-based creative, Asa Tait, is possible... THIS is the cover for the brand new thought-provoking sci-fi adventure, MEATSPACE! ✨In MEATSPACE, eternal life Inside is a digital paradise if you can make rent. Jim Chord can’t.✨ What do you think of this cover? PRE-ORDER HERE Eternal life Inside is a digital paradise if you can make rent. Jim Chord can’t. He already sold off the last of his childhood memories. The love of his life has ghosted him. He has nowhere left to run. When a trillionaire go

5 Riveting Reads for the Triple Retrograde

Hey Parliament Monsters, Let's face it. Life's probably been a little more hectic than usual; as described in our May 2nd blog, Holy Retrograde!, we have the triple-planet retrograde to thank for that. Yep—Jupiter (April 10-August 11), Pluto (April 24-October 3), and Saturn (April 30- September 18) are still wreaking their illusionary, backwards havoc, the last we checked. Following this seemingly universal theme of upheaval, here are five adventurous tales of danger, liberation, and triumph to read during the remainder of the retrograde. Dream Keeper by Amber R. Duell The Sandman is seventeen-year-old Nora’s closest friend and best-kept secret. He has to be, if she doesn’t want a one-way ti

Three Writerly Ways to Make Insomnia Your Witch

Sleep. Dusky and elusive, it evades aspiring luminaries like the Black Death. Ironically enough, it is often in these witching hours that the dry-eyed desperation sparks our best creativity. Insomnia can easily become the bane of adolescent and adult existence, but fret not—for, to us readers and writers, these are the hours that are golden. Here are simple three ways we can make ample use of our time chasing slumber, from the comfortable confines of our bedrooms. 1. Plot. If you're a "pantser", that's fine. We all do it from time to time. But the solitude of late night can bring about unwanted anxieties, memories, rumination... which is, in our witchy opinion, so unhealthy. Change it up and

Blinding Night Audiobook Tour & Gilded Ruins (Blinding Night, #2) Sneak Peek!

Written by Chantal Gadoury, Blinding Night takes readers on an adventure of Greek Mythos and spellbinding romance. Now, the Blinding Night Audiobook has been narrated by Dollcie Webb and is available for your listening pleasure with Audible–download it here! We are thrilled to kick off our official Audiobook Tour for author Chantal Gadoury's Blinding Night. Today, we will be celebrating with a few surprises, including a giveaway, prizes, and more! But first, here's a special sneak peek of what's next to come in the Blinding Night universe... Gilded Ruins (Blinding Night, #2) By Chantal Gadoury Chapter One Arae adjusted a curl around my ear as she placed a golden crown of twisting vines on my

Release Day: The Jolly Didger by Alice J. Black

Alice J. Black is back with another entry in the Soul Seekers Series diary! Today marks the official release of BOOK EIGHT in the multi-part novella series! And stay tuned for the omnibus coming very soon in print! The Jolly Dodger haunts virtual bookshelves today! Peyton cajoles her best friend, Olivia, to join her and their dates on a mini pirate cruise. Peyton is loving life until it becomes clear that the ship is more than just a sentiment to the old pirate life and it’s a matter of time to figure out the mystery before she and her friends are tossed overboard for good… Want to get to know our MC? Check out this awesome character interview with Peyton! I: Peyton, tell us how things have

COVER REVEAL: Summoned by Mckayla Eaton

It's cover reveal day at the Parliament House, and we are so thrilled to bring your shelves this beauty with all the spell book vibes! Today, we are excited to reveal the cover for Mckayla Eaton's magical YA tale, Summoned! It looks like a text book Hermione should be carrying to her next Hogwarts class...and you never know, you might learn a bit of magic if you read this one for yourself. ✨SUMMONED is for the witch or wizard at heart, with some demon-summoning on the side!✨ PRE-ORDER HERE Seventeen-year-old Alton is miles away, just wishing he had a tutor he didn’t outsmart or outmatch. His prayers are answered when Professor Victor Orvius makes an unexpected visit, offering to teach Alton

Holy Retrograde!

With the return of the mysticism and astrology paradigm in pop culture, you'll hear all sorts of things about planets being in "retrograde"—the infamous Mercury retrograde in particular. This is especially useful when we want someone or something to blame for their reckless behavior, or plain old bad luck. Turns out this isn't all hocus-pocus, nor is there always a witch's hex behind one's week-long streak of bad hair days or love life faux pas. It isn't always us, we swear. Sometimes, the planets rotate backward. When we say a planet is in retrograde, it means that, from our visual vantage point of the earth, it appears to be spinning backward. In actuality, the earth will sometimes travel



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