READ THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS: Marrow Charm by Kristin Jacques

GET YOUR COPY CHAPTER ONE The gap between the blacksmith and Morgan's Drink House was just wide enough for Azzy and her pickaxe to squeeze through. The soot-covered apprentices and hungover patrons paid little attention to the lone girl sneaking off between the buildings. None of them would snitch on her—they hated the Elder as much as she did. The damp air outside the Heap belied the dangers of the dark. She kept a sharp ear out for the ever-present threat of grimwerms, trailing her fingers along the slick wall of the main tunnel to guide her. A light would be discovered by the watchers at the gate, and Azzy found her way better in the dark. Light made too many shadows, made her miss things

Return to the Empire...But Not Before Coffee

Good morning, Parliament People, and happy Saturday! We've got some awesome news to share with all of you involving M. Dalto's THE EMPIRE SAGA and the release of book two, MARK OF THE EMPRESS, coming November 12th! M. Dalto & The Parliament House have officially teamed up with WRITER'S BLOCK COFFEE to bring you an exclusive quality brew that Alextrayna would be SUPER proud of! From now until November 11th, you can pre-order MARK OF THE EMPRESS, and alongside your paperback receive a 4 oz (113 grams) bag of coffee to enjoy your binge-reading with! Don't forget to start with TWO THOUSAND YEARS! So tell us, what will you be brewing on the morning of November 12th?

COVER REVEAL: Veiled by Desire by Candace Robinson

Amazon Bestselling Author, Candace Robinson returns again with a second novel centered in the universe of Laith, this time with Tavarra and Rhona, on a brand-new adventure filled with beasts, blood, and magic.... Readers will get into embark on the next Laith voyage when Veiled by Desire is released on November 19th, 2019 ✨Will Tavarra defeat her inner beast?✨ What do you think of this cover? In Laith, when the moons are high, Tavarra is allowed to walk the land as a human for one day, losing her seahorse-like tail. But should she remain out of the water, a curse will overtake her, turning her into a beast with sharp fangs and long claws. A beast that, on some nights, takes the shape of a ra

Fantasy Foodie: It's a Harvest Feast!

Come one, come all, Parliament people and fantasy foodies everywhere... Our trek through the year's long and exceptionally sunny summer has come to an end. We celebrated the official start of Fall on Monday, September 23rd, marking the official beginning of fall! As stated in our 5 Mini Harvest Moon Rituals post earlier this month, the Autumn Equinox marks the end of the second harvest. Many take this time to reap what they've sown in preparation for the dark and frigid winter ahead. Today, this holiday is named after the Welsh sun god, Mabon ap Modron. In this sense, it truly is a magical Thanksgiving. On this week's Wednesday segment, we're celebrating with not a recipe, but an entire feas

RELEASE DAY: Alex Mckenna & the Geranium Deaths by Vicki-Ann Bush

Alex McKenna & the Geranium Deaths by Vicki-Ann Bush is a spooky YA tale that is as important as it is entertaining! Alex McKenna is different... It's enough that he's a trans teen in high school, trying to manage life and love... he can also speak to the dead... Available NOW wherever books are sold online! For Alex McKenna, high school is just a distraction from the love of his life, Margaret, with whom he can't wait to spend more time once they get to college. In many respects, Alex is just an average seventeen-year-old boy...except for the fact he's a transgender medium born from a long line of Strega witches, possessing the ability to communicate with ghosts. With the help of Margar


Hey, Witches & happy Mabon! We hope you're having a GREAT start to your harvest! Of course, we are always cooking up new magic here at The Parliament House, and autumn means celebrating a bounty of books! Today, we cast our spell across the blogosphere! Begin here and then astral project to the rest of our bookish brothers and sisters for giveaways, book reviews, and a special sneak peek of The Shrike & the Shadows coming March 3rd, 2020! The Book Gypsy - Krystle Marie Books Book Reviews Corner Whispers and Wonder Chantal Gadoury Author Website - GIVEAWAY!!! Dexterous Totalus **Check back for more as the list grows longer today! Also peek our Instagram story for even more Mabon festivities!!

READ THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS: Alex McKenna & the Geranium Deaths by Vicki-Ann Bush

GET YOUR COPY CHAPTER ONE Alex held Margaret, his firm hand pressing her head to his shoulder. His breath brushed across her ear. “Don’t look, no matter what you hear. That’s how it gets you.” All the other victims had turned to ice. Alex couldn’t understand why, but the rules didn’t apply to him. None of the deceased were family, so maybe that was his armor. His family history protected him somehow. They were huddled behind the furnace in the basement while they attempted to construct an escape plan. Although in a frenzy, Alex knew the level of heat from the unit should be enough to throw the beast temporarily off their trail. The foul spirit followed the warmth from the living, which made

COVER REVEAL: The Call of Death by RJ Garcia!

R.J. Garcia burst onto the scene in 2017 with her mystery/thriller hit, NOCTURNAL MEETINGS OF THE MISPLACED, which, upon its release, hit #1 in one of the title's respective categories on Amazon! Garcia is back again with a new adventure, this time centered around fourteen-year-old Hannah Preistly, a boarding school student on a mission to stop a serial killer... Readers will get into embark on this bloody-good adventure with Hannah and her crush, Rory, on November 5th, 2019! ✨Will the mystery be unraveled?✨ What do you think of this cover? Fourteen-year-old Hannah Priestly crashes into a terrifying future. She wakes up in her dorm room now knowing the name of an infamous serial killer, Norm

Fantasy Foodie: Alex McKenna's Veal Parmesan

Since none of my relatives ever measured ingredients, if I give an amount, it’s my best guess. Italians are infamous for a dash and a sprinkle, and this is how I cook and how I handed down my families recipe’s to my kids. Mangia! Ingredients: 2lbs of fresh veal cutlets Italian breadcrumbs 4 eggs Fresh grated Parmesan cheese Salt Black pepper Garlic Powder or if using fresh garlic, 4 cloves chopped Italian seasoning (oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil, sage) You can use fresh, but I’ll admit over the years I’ve relaxed a little from the old ways and use the dry ingredients already mixed together. 1-2lb thinly sliced Mozzarella Olive oil 2 Large plates Paper towels Large fry pan Large glass or me

RELEASE DAY: Unspoken by Celia McMahon

UNSPOKEN by Celia Mcmahon is a captivating YA fantasy romance set against the stunning backdrop of a world similar to Bear & The Nightengale. Set in a kingdom of warring lands, demon curses, and hidden magic, UNSPOKEN is a fantasy for fans of Maggie Stiefvater's Mercy Falls Series and Sarah J Maas’ Throne of Glass. Available NOW wherever books are sold online! "You are unbroken." Princess Isabelle of The New Kingdom has lived her entire life in the confines of her palace. She spends her time hunting for the poverty-stricken Voiceless-people of the Old Kingdom who warred with her kingdom and ultimately lost-and dreaming of a world beyond the walls of her home. As the only remaining child of

READ THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS: Unspoken by Celia McMahon

GET YOUR COPY ALREADY A BESTSELLER: CHAPTER ONE My mother slipped the corset over my head and tightened the straps. She cinched and pulled until it laid, pressing my ribs together, snug enough to satisfy her. I finally let out a breath. Even though I grew up wearing these lousy pieces of fashion, it always felt as though I had to relearn how to breathe. “I'll do what I can,” she finally said. I sat down on the chair whose back I’d been gripping for the past ten minutes. I wanted to hunch, but I couldn’t. It was like my bones had been replaced with steel rods. I bit back a swear as my mother gathered up my hair and pinned it in a neat, tight knot on the crown of my head. She patted down the f

September T-Shirt of the Month!

Hello, Parliament Peope! Whattup, Witches! The Grand Sorceress has coming up with some new magic for our readers and bookish people today... Introducing the reveal of our first ever featured t-shirt of the month! We decided to launch our t-shirt of the month endeavor in September 1) To celebrate Mabon with all you witches on the 23rd. 2) We wanted you to feel witchy with us in time for the fall season. Get them here Today, you're able to order this shirt design in V-neck, tank top, normal tee, and hoodie! Looking forward to future t-shirt reveals? We will be announcing a new design promptly on the second Sunday of every month! We can't wait to see your selfies rocking Parliament Haus merch!!

COVER REVEAL: Mark of the Empress by M. Dalto

Bestselling Author M. Dalto is BACK wit the second installment in her Empire Saga, MARK OF THE EMPRESS! What do you think of the Empire Saga's new look? Readers will get into embark on another adventure with Alex, Reylor, Treyan, and the rest of the empire November 12th, 2019! Reviewers are calling Dalto's world-building phenomenal and complex and this next installment is not to be missed... ✨Return to the Empire...✨ What do you think of this cover? An Empress ripped back to the life she left behind. A Prince desperate to save his people. One child lost within another realm, the other dependent on their constant protection. Betrayed by those closest to her, Empress Alexstrayna must fig

5 Mini Harvest Moon Rituals

Whispers of rebirth rattle the dusk-sodden leaves as our brazen summer fades to a smolder. Autumnal festivals abound in the crisper air, and farmers take stock of their bounties—delicious corn, pumpkin, squash, and wild rice—before the darkness seeps in. "As you sow, so shall you reap," the witchlings of the wood mutter in earnest. That's right... Fall's here. Well, very nearly. The Harvest Moon is the full moon that lands nearest the Autumn Equinox—or Mabon, as the holiday is known to Celts and pagan communities. This year, the moon acts as Mabon's luminous harbinger; most of North America will enjoy the large red-orange orb on the eve of Friday, September 13th, while it graces much of the

RELEASE DAY: Meatspace by Asa Tait

MEATSPACE by Asa Tait is a dynamic debut sci-fi thriller that actually doesn't seem so far out of reach...which is the scariest part. Eternal life Inside is a digital paradise if you can make rent. Jim Chord can’t. Relatable content? We think so! Available NOW wherever books are sold online! Eternal life Inside is a digital paradise if you can make rent. Jim Chord can’t. He already sold off the last of his childhood memories. The love of his life has ghosted him. He has nowhere left to run. When a trillionaire goes missing, Jim has one last shot to track him down and earn a reward that will keep him Inside forever. But the magnate seems to be dead, and that simply doesn’t happen. Not here


GET YOUR COPY CHAPTER ONE When I look up, I want to think the system works. That everything makes sense. I watch the heavens sweep yellow behind a spiral of luminous white clouds. Three different suns burn through long streaks of shredded ivory to caress the ground with a soft glow. And yet, just below the second sun, the slow curl of a cloud repeats. It doubles on itself, snaps back. Whoever pushed this one left a glitch. The sky is broken. I only noticed the glitch because it doesn’t take my full attention to run down the suspect. The perp’s strap-laden suit and short cape is an obvious nod to classic adventure mods, the kind of skin a Tourist lives for. His sloppy navigation through the D


Time for some make-believe “Movie Magic”! While we were writing The Shrike and the Shadows, we had a clear image of our characters. While we were writing, we came up with character boards for each one. The actors we chose are who we had in mind as the story unfolded, which was amusing to us for some. So, in a perfect world where all books are made into movies and slammed on the big screen for millions to see, here is our dream cast: Hans Played by Tom Holland Tom is a starlet. As Spiderman, he’s amazing! I feel like he would do well in a more serious role, and Hans is a dark, and somewhat damaged character. I would have a lot of fun seeing him play an anti-hero or someone you wouldn’t necess

RELEASE DAY: Summoned by Mckayla Eaton

SUMMONED by Mckayla Eaton is the first installment in the brand new Demon Summoner's Trilogy, and it's already a reviewer favorite! For readers who wanted a little Chilling Adventures of Sabrina mixed in with their Harry Potter! Available NOW wherever books are sold online! On an empty baseball diamond in a quiet Toronto suburb, a demon has been summoned. Seventeen-year-old Alton is miles away, just wishing he had a tutor he didn’t outsmart or outmatch. His prayers are answered when Professor Victor Orvius makes an unexpected visit, offering to teach Alton magic without the restrictions. The only condition is that he follow Orvius’ rules and not ask too many questions. Alton soon discov

READ THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS: Summoned by Mckayla Eaton

GET YOUR COPY CHAPTER ONE “This Handbook was created as a supplementary learning tool for young witches and wizards. All young magicians should look to their tutors as their primary source of instruction and knowledge.” - A Handbook for the Young and Magical. Introduction. Alton lay on his side, watching the red numbers on his bedside clock change and listening to the heavy breathing of his roommate. The town house and the street outside were quiet. Of all the places Alton had traveled for his studies, this was one of the nicest. Too bad it also came with one of the worst tutors. Edgar Daniels was a small, thin man with a nasally voice and a perpetually bad attitude. He ran his house like a



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