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Our Royal Interview with Prince Klaus

Firstly, The Parliament House just wanted to thank Prince Klaus for showing up to grace us with his royal presence for this majestic interview...

[ph] If we had to ask members of your palace to describe you in less than ten words, what would they say?

[pk] Lord Crestwood would say just, perhaps? Willful, stubborn. . . he often says I’m foolish because of my ideals about love. Adelais would say I’m kind, playful and good. I’ve heard from time to time that my people think I’m brave but . . . ‘too young to rule.’ As for Aurelia, I hope that she thinks I’m kind and understanding. . . One day, I’d like her to know how I feel about her.

[ph] If you only had one more day to spend with Aurelia, how would you spend your time with her?

[pk] I would want to treat her with a beautifully, romantic day – though, I’m sure she’d insist that I not bother with such things. I would start our day as we normally do – in the dining room. And after sharing her favorite foods, I’d invite her to a boat ride. And after I make a complete fool of myself as I did once, I would take her to my mother’s cottage again and we would swim and toast bread in the fireplace. I think it would be rather un-gentlemanlike to share the rest of what I would plan. . . but I would show and tell Aurelia just how strong my feelings are for her.

[ph] Who do you consider family?

[pk] My mother passed away when I was a child, and my father only just recently departed from this world. But I suppose I still consider them a part of my family. I have Adelais, one of my loyal servants. When I was younger, she acted as a nursery maid. And then there’s also Lord Crestwood. While he’s my close advisor, he’s also my most trusted friend. Of course, there is also Aurelia now. . . whom I admire and have grown to love deeply.

[ph] What are some struggles you face while being a future King?

[pk] Listening to the right sort of people is definitely a struggle any Royal has to face. Listening to the right sort of advice. Many people around you are trying to benefit themselves and not the King … or their country. I struggle keeping the balance of their own personal gain, and doing right by Saarland der Licht. It’s hard to do the things that one . . . simply doesn’t