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We Are Pleased to Introduce to You...

Right on the heels of some very successful book releases (The Bone Roses by Kathryn Lee Martin hit #1 in Steampunk three days in a row and Nocturnal Meetings of the Misplaced maintained ranking in its Top 100 Categories for two weeks straight) we are very pleased to formally introduce you to three, brilliant new additions to The Parliament House Family, authors of diverse backgrounds and walks of life who will bring more fabulous culture to our fantastical worlds : 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Each of the following titles was acquired by Parliament House Acquisitions Editor, Mary Bernsen.

Gerardo Delgadillo

Gerardo Delgadillo is the author of the brand new YA contemporary fantasy novel, FRACTALISTIC, about a young girl obsessed with communicating with the dead:

Since moving to Mexico, sixteen-year-old Winter's life has been a nightmare. And now her computer wizard father insists that Fractalistic—his fractal application—will enable them to talk to her dead mother. At least she has her friend Rafa to confide in, and perhaps even kiss. But Rafa says that he knows fractal technology exposes repressed memories, leaving Winter wondering if something might be wrong in her head. She must try Fractalistic to discover what it really does. When she runs it, a sea of computer generated imagery swirls on the screen, forming an image of her mother thrashing in the town's lake and begging for help. Before Winter can find out what's going on, her father jerks her away from his computer. Fractalistic may enable her to communicate with her mother, but it might also unleash buried memories. To figure it out, Winter must disobey her father and face her fears of uncovering a horrifying truth.

Originally from San Francisco and raised in Mexico, Gerardo lives in the Dallas metropolitan area, which means, his house is somewhere in a distant suburb nobody’s heard of. His stories gravitate around fifteen-to-seventeen-year-olds, venturing into Mexico, or living in Mexico. He considers his writing contemporary and realistic. Well, as realistic as it can be. Truth to be told, real life can be quite boring. He spends his days writing, either at his day job coding high-tech software (gibberish), OR typing YA novels surrounded by lots of caffeine (also gibberish).

Carla Lewis