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Happy Release Day to our book witch across the world (Australia), P.S. Malcolm and her new release, LANTERNS IN THE SKY, which is available TODAY where books are sold online!!

Everything was normal for Lucy Maisfer

Until the day a star fell from the sky

And knocked her out.

Everything was normal for Lucy Maisfer until the day a star fell from the sky and knocked her out. Upon waking, she comes face-to-face with Jason Woods, who also happens to be the mysterious new guy in her best friend, Valarie's, life. Then the strange dreams begin, and she learns about the Starlight Princess— who must not under any circumstance be reawakened. Driven to uncover the meaning of it, she finds herself caught up in a strange twist of events that eventually lead to bigger danger than she ever anticipated. Before long, Lucy is forced to make a choice between saving the world, or saving her best friend; only to discover that Valarie cannot be saved... that she has an even darker secret, and that her supposed star-crossed romance with Jason might not be so destined after all...

✨ Check out the stunning book trailer ✨

We will be celebrating P.S. Malcolm and her journey for the next month via blog tours & and blitzes facilitated by Xpresso Book Tours. Be sure to keep your eyes on Facebook for all the planned stops!

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