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Banishment Magic & The Dark Moon

Hey, Parliament Monsters!

Tonight, we face the dark side of the moon—literally. This year, the nights of March 6th-7th mark the time of the Dark Moon. During this short period, the moon won't be as visible to us because of it's position in relation to the sun.

While some practitioners choose to use this time for rest and reflection, I believe it encourages some of our deepest, innermost issues to come to light. This provides the perfect opportunity for a certain kind of magic. Banishment.

The term "banish," or the act of banishing is often regarded with negative undertones, but doing so may benefit us so positively. Sadness, anger, grief. Relationship issues, divorce, financial struggle. Self-esteem and trouble seeing self-worth, nightmares, bullies—yes, you can have bullies at any age.

These are all reasons to work with banishment!

Banishing Spell

You'll Need:

- Sharpie marker

- Full, dry bay leaves

- Pieces of paper, roughly 3x3in.

- One white candle

- One bowl to collect ashes

First and foremost, please be sure your set up is well-ventilated as it should be each time you work with fire.

Light your candle. With your Sharpie, take your pieces of paper and on each, name something you would like to change or banish*. For example, I could write down, "My anxiety," or, "Sweet tooth." Focusing on changing these subjects to either start impacting your life for the better, or remove themselves from your bubble entirely—burn each piece.

With each bay leaf, do the same thing—except now, you're going to write actions or affirmations you want to attract into your life. So, in place of "My anxiety," I could write, "Courage," or "Faith in self." Burn these with the intention of welcoming these positive changes in place of your inhibitions and "roadblocks" that you're letting go of. Be clear of these intentions, and what you are bringing into your life.

When you are finished, snuff the flame and bury the paper and bayleaf ash in the dirt outside.

Stay in this space for as long as you need to. Put on some calming music, relax, do what you need to. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water and take these next couple nights to reflect.

Please note:

Paper and dry bay leaves burn very quickly, so as soon as they ignite, drop them into your ash bowl. The whole piece does not need to burn.

This spell is all about setting intentions, and churning positive energies into motion in those lacking areas of your life. It won't work overnight, as with all other spells, but the universe is always listening, and receptive to your mindset!

*I advise against writing anyone's specific name down; that would be reaching close to the realm of dark magic, and I don't encourage or condone that. You could give a general word, such as, "bully."*


Thanks for reading again, witches and monsters. See you all on Friday for the continuation of our zodiac horoscope series, post #3 out of four. If you are looking for a fun new read, author P.S. Malcom's Lanterns in the Sky just released yesterday!

Keep in mind, everything you need and desire is finding it's way to you.


The Attic Witch

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