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The Starlight Chronicles Character Zodiac

Illustration by LyingFawn

As someone who is obsessed with astrology, I couldn't resist giving my characters zodiac signs—and I love how well each character matches up to their sign's personality traits.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, it's still fun to compare each sign and their compatibility.

Which character shares the same zodiac sign as you?

Lucy Maisfer

Sign = Scorpio

Birthday: October 28th

Ambitious, brave, and at times, stubborn—Lucy is a true Scorpio sign.

Scorpio signs are said to have darker, controlling personalities, which definitely aligns with Lucy's control-freak nature. However, being a Scorpio also makes her a great leader, determined to do what's right, and a loyal friend to those she loves.

Lucy also has an air of distrust towards strangers (especially, *ahem*, Jason), which is another tell-tale trait of a Scorpio sign.

Jason Woods

Sign = Taurus

Birthday: May 3rd

Another stubborn sign is the Taurus, which definitely fits with Jason's uncompromising nature. When he wants something and wholeheartedly believes it's the right thing, he'll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

However, the Taurus sign is also very devoted and committed (sometimes crossing to borderline possessive)—and when it comes to people he loves, this behavior very much matches Jason's personality.

Jason can be reliable when he's not focused on his own selfish goals and wants.

Valarie Hawkins

Sign = Aries

Birthday: March 29th

The Aries is not a sign to be trifled with—and while Valarie has a softer side, you don't want to cross her when she's angry.

Courageous, passionate, and impulsive, Valarie marches to the beat of her own drum. She can be moody and impatient at times, but she is most in her element when she can be creative. She also likes leadership roles (due to her independent nature and only-child upbringing).

Though she can be unsure of herself sometimes, she has a flair for style that many Aries signs tend to embrace.

Devian Breckton

Sign = Virgo

Birthday: September 10th

At first glance, you might not be able to pinpoint sly Devian as a Virgo—but when you get to know him better, you realize he has many Virgo aligned traits which he hides behind a persona.

Kind and loyal, Devian may be a confident troublemaker but he would never put those he cares about in harms way. He has a sense of humor which disguises his more analytical and serious side (which is always at work behind the scenes).

Devian may be sly, but he's also incredibly smart.

Kyra Maisfer

Sign = Libra

Birthday: October 16th

Kyra has a diplomatic knack for resolving conflicts and is generally cooperative in any sensible situation. She has a very gracious and social personality (though sometimes she can be a little bratty—teenagers, am I right?)

Typically, Kyra would rather avoid confrontation and use her skills and gifts in ways that don't involve direct conflict and fighting.

Andrew Kingston

Sign = Sagittarius

Birthday: December 20th

Andrew has a very Sagittarius driven nature—his love for freedom and travel result in a hate in being constrained, especially when there is important work to be done.

He is also very generous and idealistic—when he is set on something, he will commit himself to make that outcome happen (and tends to dwell if he fails at his task).

Chrissy DeLane

Sign = Leo

Birthday: July 28th

Chrissy is kind of a mixed bag of traits—and like a Leo, they set her up to be a great leader, but also very likable when she wants to be.

At heart, Chrissy is quite self-centered and a lot of her goals revolve around herself. She can be stubborn and arrogant, as well as passionate when it comes to fulfilling those goals.

But she can also be cheerful, creative, and emits an air of confidence and dominance—which she tends to use to her advantage more than from a genuine place.

Skye Breckton

Sign = Cancer

Birthday: July 5th

Skye is quite an emotional character, which Cancers are known to be. Her attachment to her brother brings out her insecure and loyal nature, but also strengthens her sympathetic abilities. She is someone who you can confide in due to her realistic outlook on life.

Though she can also be pessimistic at times, her imagination allows her to dream of bigger and better opportunities. With the right support around her, she may just pursue those dreams.

Kale DeLane

Sign = Capricorn

Birthday: December 24th

Kale comes across as a "no fucks given" kind of person initially, and many of his Capricorn traits tend to support this outlook: he can be very unforgiving and condescending.

But, when you get to know him on a deeper level, you'll realize he just values his own growth and achievement more than others, causing him to put up a wall with others. His self-controlling and disciplined nature takes frontal focus in his life, and everything else falls away until it becomes relevant.


Sign = Pisces

Birthday: March 11th

Shade is a very intuitive and wise character. He also has a gentle nature—but like many Pisces, that nature will turn to stone if you ever cross him the wrong way.

Shade also has a tendency to be a martyr, and his overly trusting personality has gotten him into many binds over the years.


Sign = Gemini

Birthday: May 25th

Titania is true to the "two-faced" nature of the Gemini—one minute, she can be social and curious, and the next, she will be completely serious (and at times, restless).

Titania is a quick learner, loves to exchange ideas with those who share her goals, and is very adaptable. However, she can also be quite indecisive and inconsistent with her biggest decisions.

Reina White

Sign = Aquarius

Birthday: February 18th

Reina is a true Aquarius in the sense that she hates emotional expression, and tends to hide feelings behind her rather standoffish persona.

She is very independent, but can also be temperamental. She also dislikes being limited in her choices due to her progressive nature. If something is holding her back, she will almost always find a way around it.


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