Peyton had always seen the funfair on Old Road Field but when she finally gets to visit in her early

twenties it’s run down, barren and haunted. In order to allow the demolition crew in to tear the

place down she needs to rid the place of spirits. This is the first official case she conducts with Olivia

in the comms unit in the office so she’s going most of it alone. It doesn’t bother her, not really, as

she knows it’s her job but when Jake turns up unannounced, she realises how much better off she is.

Terry was the council worker who contacted Peyton and belittled her when asking for her help and

now we go back to him and look at his thoughts of Peyton and what he truly thinks of her.

Join Peyton at the circus as she tries to unravel the mystery of the funfair:


“Peyton Blaine!” The voice drawled. There was shuffling and a few taps on a keyboard.

Rob heard Terry’s voice and the name, which immediately struck a chord, and stuck his head around

the wall. Terry was shaking his head, an ugly grimace set on his face as he stared at the computer

screen staring at something intently.

“What are you complaining about now?” Rob bypassed the counter, sidling up to the desk where

Terry was working. The man barely gave him a glance before pointing at the computer screen.

“Look at this email. She