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  • Alice J. Black


Hell at Halfingdon Asylum was the most recent Soul Seekers novella out coming out at the beginning

of July. If you haven’t had time to check it out, make sure you do. It’s one of the most disturbing

cases Peyton’s had to tackle and when she gets there on a case that Olivia arranged, sending her in

alone, she’s glad for the company of George.

What transpired that night will never leave either of them and when Jake bursts in to help them

both, she’s both grateful and annoyed at his presence. After taking some time to reflect on

everything that happened, George writes Peyton an email.

If you haven’t stepped into the Asylum yet, pick up your copy here:

Dear Peyton,

I hope this email finds you well. I know you’ve told me not to, but I wanted to thank you again for

taking care of me that night. I still haven’t told Catherine the full story. I don’t think I ever can. It’s

the only lie I’ve told her in the thirty-three years we’ve been married. As you can probably guess, I’m

not normally the type to lie but in this case I only feel a smidgen of guilt. I feel like I’m protecting her

as much as myself sometimes. She’s a sensitive soul and she wouldn’t deal with this well.

Do you recall that I told you I was going to remove my recommendation for the building? It didn’t

occur to me how unsuitable Halfingdon Asylum might be. After our experiences that night and the

infamous Dr Hargreaves, I couldn’t in my right mind, say that the building was suitable. I have told

them I no longer think that it will meet the needs of the council but I’m not sure if my thoughts have

been met with deaf ears. There were rumours of a construction crew going in led by a man named

Rob. I’m led to believe you know him.

I still have nightmares. Catherine has woken me a few times and told me I’ve called out in my sleep. I

always manage to keep it under wraps and tell her I’m having flashbacks to falling down the stairs

(she still thinks this is what happened) but sometimes I think she sees right through me. How do you

do it, Peyton? How do you live your life like this when those around you worry and fret about your

safety? I don’t think I could make this a regular part of my job and I’m happy to say I never have to

visit the place again.

Waking up strapped to that bed was one of the worst moments in my life. I thought I was dead. The

machines whirring, the lights, the restraints. Then I saw him, the doctor, as if he was there. I knew

the place held something dark but I never imagined I would see anything of the sort.

Of course Terry, you know Terry, right? He insisted I was being silly and even went so far as to say I

was under your spell. What a load of tosh. Peyton, without you and that lovely man of yours, I

wouldn’t be here.

I thought it might be nice to meet for coffee one day, or maybe I could take you out to dinner as

repayment for all you’ve done. And not only that but I feel like we became good friends that night

and I found I’ve missed your company.

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