Isabeau Finne's Dream Scones & Divination Tea

Enjoy this bewitching recipe by Isabeau Finne (aka Iliana Evenwicht)~

It’s finally October! Are you excited? I’m excited.

The air is cooling. The leaves are beginning to change to fiery shades and dance to the ground.

Autumn has arrived and along with it all the magic of the season. I grew up in a house of Sióg

O’Cailleach—Witches of the Fae—so Fall is and always will be the biggest of big deals in my

home. And October 7 th is my birthday, so there’s always an extra dose of celebrating.

In my house, birthdays were always extra special. It was an all day and into late-night revel with

friends and relatives, decorations galore with balloons, confetti, sparkling wrapping paper, and a

multitude of magical confections. There was music and dancing, bonfires and feasting. At the

end of the night after all the guests had left, it was tradition to slip between the sheets with a

Dream Scone and a cup of Divination Tea to get a glimpse of the year ahead.

In celebration, I’d like to share a couple of special family recipes with you all, but before I spill

the recipes, here’s a wee little story…