3 Books for Libra Readers

Right now, we're in the air sign Libra: the most harmonious zodiac, and the only whose symbol is an inanimate object—but for good reason. Those born in the well-groomed and tactful Libra are represented by the Scale, the sun sign most associated with justice. Libras seek meaningful friendships and companionship, often finding it necessary to dedicate a good portion of their time to maintaining the fairness in these relationships. For this reason, they're born with natural people skills and patience to match, but it's important for all other signs not to take advantage of this, as so to anger them; Libras remain stoic in their vexation—to a point—but cannot stand to witness blatant unfairness or rudeness. They are't afraid to bring the swift hammer of justice down once and for all, upon anyone who disrupts the sought-after symmetry in their lives. A balanced aesthetic is what they chase, after all, and balanced they shall curate.

The stars say... Libras will most definitely enjoy:

Blinding Night, by Chantal Gadoury

A tantalizing and original tracing of the mythology behind Hades and Persephone, Blinding Night follows the the tale of Summer, who, to her dismay, is stuck in Greece with her family of archeologists. Her time abroad is haunted by frivolous and strange dreams of shadowed faced and pomegranate seeds, which eventually lead her to a man who claims to be the god, Hades—and shocking details of a past life that will either destroy