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HAPPY COVER REVEAL DAY: Skin Curse (Gate Cycle, #2), by Kristin Jacques

Happy Friday, readers and Members of Parliament! Today brings our THANKFUL FOR OUR READERS cover reveal campaign to a close...

Here is the captivating cover to Kristin Jacques' AWARD-WINNING Marrow Charm, entitled SKIN CURSE (Gate Cycle, #2).

They Hunger. They Rise...

The Children of the Gate wait for the call to Rise. Azzy Brimvine knows her brother is in the vast city of Avergard. She must find him, but time is not on their side. In the House of Seven Smiles, Azzy struggles to understand the constraints and limits of her power, as she finds the whispering voices that guided her for so long suddenly silent. The enigmatic lord of the house is both a frustrating ally and a dangerous mystery. A strange entity lurks among the household servants. The haven Azzy sought may not be as safe as she thought... but is anywhere truly safe in the Above? The city of Avergard is full of monsters and secrets, and a dark history festers at its root. A yawning pit nestles in the house of a scheming lord, who will use Armin’s dangerous gifts to raise history, and raze the city to the ground. As Azzy finds herself and her brother pulled into these machinations, she must navigate the politics and society of Avergard’s brutal ruling class to save her family and friends before the Gate consumes them all.

What do you think of this captivating cover?

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