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2020 is here! With every new year, new goals abound. It's perhaps most important for us to set realistic, attainable short-term goals in order to reach the larger ones. For the bookish and writerly community, this can prove difficult as there are so many avenues, so many riveting genres we can explore.

Here are a few simple literary New Years resolutions that should be easy to begin with.

1. Read the unread books you already own. We know that you know that pile is ever-growing. Try not to shop new unless you've read maybe one of your "cover buys."


2. Shop indie. Independent writers are writers just the same. According to the American Booksellers Association, online gross sales this past holiday season were up a whopping 25 percent over the same timeframe in 2018. The indie industry (that's a mouthful) is booming; now is the time to help support them online or in-store!


3. Find a literary/ reading charity to donate to. For example, ROOM TO READ is a non-profit, international literacy organization primarily focusing on decreasing childhood illiteracy in both children and adults in low-income countries. Through their website, you can donate or start a fundraiser. Learn more here.

"Room to Read is breaking the cycle of childhood illiteracy and poverty in a single generation.
Room to Read's innovative Literacy Program ensures primary schools have libraries filled with books in the children’s local languages, as well as teachers and librarians who are trained on how to engage a classroom of eager, young learners. By the end of grade 2, children in Room to Read's Literacy Program read 2 to 3 times as fast and read with 87% greater comprehension than their peers in non-Room to Read program schools."

If donating isn't possible, you might have a few old books you're willing to part with! Research book donation programs local to you.


4. Build yourself a reading nook. Also useful as a tea room, meditation space, or a writing cave, perhaps from which you won't emerge for weeks at a time.


5. Pen the next great Fantasy/ Sci-fi novel. The Parliament House Press plans to reopen its doors to all interested monsters and entities, come May. More details coming soon, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us (



*Commence obnoxious trumpets*

You'll find us at Booth #304, right across our friends over at HarperCollins.

Convention info and tickets HERE! Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Hope to see you there...

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