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After losing his girlfriend to a drug that shows glimpses of the true nature of reality before it claims the taker's life, Economics professor Clay West joins a mission to the deep reaches of space. What he finds is nothing short of disturbing: the crew begins to suspect they haven't been told everything—and yet, Clay's mysterious memories of Karla haunt him more than the ship's chaos.

We'll delve into the realm of quantum immortality with The Between author, Ryan Leslie come 2022 with The Parliament Press.

Colossus, by Ryan Leslie

Economics professor Clay West has always explained the world around him through the lens of his profession. But after his girlfriend, a former student, takes Dying Wish—a drug that is said to offer a vision of the true, hidden nature of reality in the moments before it claims your life—Clay is devastated. None of his mathematical models can explain Karla's actions.

Distraught, Clay joins a mission into the dark emptiness of space. But when the ship begins malfunction, Clay and the surviving crew members suspect there’s more to the mission than they’ve been told. They’ve been lied to, and are drifting into dead space.

Clay's memories of Karla haunt him even more than the ship's chaos. And there's something wrong with his memories. He has too many. The ship's main AI tells Clay his false memories are a normal side effect of the hibernation, but to Clay his memories suggest he's been on the ship before...

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About the Author:

Ryan Leslie oversees research for a large health system, where making stuff up is generally frowned upon. His creative outlet has always been writing fiction. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, children's author Lindsay Leslie, and their two sons.

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14 may

This Among Us gripping science fiction novel follows Economics professor Clay West as he embarks on a mission to the deep reaches of space after losing his girlfriend to a mysterious drug.

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