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COVER REVEAL: Alex McKenna & Death is Not the Beginning by Vicki-Ann Bush

We are so thrilled to bring to you this cover reveal for the fourth and final installment of Vicki-Ann Bush's Alex McKenna Series. It has been a wild ride as Alex has navigated the supernatural and the corporeal alike, and now he faces his toughest challenge yet—a persistent bully, Kyle. Will Alex find the truth that will set him free? The truth, it turns out, might be the key to setting them both free.

Keep an eye out for this exciting conclusion to the Alex McKenna Series coming to Parliament House on September 20, 2022! Pre-order your copy NOW:

Parliament House Press


In the fourth and final installment for the series, Alex faces his most difficult case yet: the school bully.

For two years, Kyle had no qualms making Alex’s life even more complicated than it already was. Choosing to single him out for his psychic abilities, the angry teen took every chance to undermine Alex’s well-being.

But when Kyle is unexpectedly murdered, his ghost seeks out Alex for the very power he’d been stigmatized for. Despite their fraught history, Alex must set aside old wounds to help a soul in need. Searching for the killer, Alex uncovers why Kyle had victimized him so intensely, and it’s not what he ever could have expected.

The truth, it turns out, will set them both free.


Originally from New York, I've been living my

author adventure in Nevada for the past thirty-six years. Ominous landscapes have served up sweet delectables for my craving mind.

When I'm not writing you can find me cuddled up with my husband, our Chihuahua-Yorkie mix, Curie, she's the sweetest girl, and completing our little family, our boy Cuba, a proud, and sometimes mushy great Dane.

My likes include, movie and TV binging, going out to eat for breakfast, and dining alfresco. Oh, and Disneyland...and coffee...and wine.

Dislikes are simple, cruelty of any kind.

You can find the author on:

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