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COVER REVEAL: Driftwood Dreary (Dead Rockstar, #3) by Lillah Lawson

We are so pleased to reveal to you today author Lillah Lawson's cover for the DRIFTWOOD DREARY, the third and final installment in The Dead Rockstar Series! You won't want to miss this foray back in the thick of it with Stormy Spooner , Phillip Deville, and her found family—a crew we have all come to know and love.

DRIFTWOOD DREARY is coming August 01, 2023 and will be available wherever books are sold! Show Lillah Lawson your support and pre-order your copy!

Haven't yet taken the leap into the whirlwind world of Stormy Spooner and Philip Deville? Start with book one, DEAD ROCKSTAR, available everywhere books are sold!

Follow up with The Wolfden (Dead Rockstar, #2), available at all of your favorite book retailers!


THE WOLFDEN left off with Stormy Spooner and her (very undead) boyfriend Phillip Deville finally enjoying a little r&r on their favorite beach in Jekyll Island. It seems like the danger has finally subsided and the two can be happy...until Stormy gets a phone call that turns her world upside down. Her estranged father's house has burned to cinders, police suspect arson, and the elder Mr. Spooner has gone missing. Add to the trouble a pesky reporter who keeps nosing around, and Stormy and Phillip realize they need to leave town, fast.

Abandoning their beloved Jekyll for the white sands and blue waters of Panama City Beach, Stormy is tasked with trying to find out what happened to her father while grappling with her complicated feelings over her painful childhood, and his role in it. As Stormy parses through her memories, uncovering buried secrets that rock her world off its hinges, Phillip is facing a crisis of his own: he's been outed, and fans all over the world now know that the Bloomer Demons frontman is alive and well.

Stormy grapples with her past meeting her future as she falls into the role of rockstar-girlfriend, seeking out the help of Benny "The Black Wolf" to help her ease into her powers. Meanwhile, her father is still missing. Phillip learns what its like to be famous in the age of social media, as a huge tour and album release are announced. Meanwhile, the unlucky pair are once again confronted with outside forces that seek to rip them apart. Where is Stormy's father? What are the secrets of the Wolfden? Will fame tear Phillip apart again?

Stormy needs answers, fast, or they'll be doomed to watch the bodies pile up around them as Phillip takes center stage.

Featuring the beloved cast of characters from The Wolfden as well as a few new faces, Driftwood Dreary is the final book in the Dead Rockstar series.


Having written professionally for many years, Lillah Lawson doesn’t contain herself when it comes to literary genres. Having dabbled in horror, southern gothic, fantasy, thrillers and historical fiction, she loves to write outside the lines, using different genres to explore the common threads between people.

Her debut novel, Monarchs Under the Sassafras Tree was published by Regal House Publishing in 2019. Her second novel, the first in a dark fantasy trilogy, Dead Rockstar, was published by Parliament House Press in 2020; the second, The Wolfden, will release in 2022, with the third and final in the trilogy, Driftwood Dreary, TBA. Her short story The Lady and the Tall Man was published in the horror anthology Shiver: A Cold Weather Anthology, edited by Nico Bell, in February 2021. Her novel So Long, Bobby will be released by Sword & Silk Publishing in February 2023.

Lillah was a nominee for the Georgia Author of the Year Awards (GAYA) in 2020 for her novel Monarchs Under the Sassafras Tree and was chosen as a recipient of the University of Georgia Willson Center/Flagpole Magazine Micro-Fellowship Living in a Pandemic, in which her short story Shoofly was featured as part of the online exhibition.

In addition to writing, Lillah's passions include cycling, playing bass, baking, genealogy, and history. She is a voracious reader and music lover. Most of Lillah’s work takes place in her home state of Georgia, where she finds the culture, history and spirit to fuel her literary fire. She currently lives just outside of Athens, Georgia with her husband, son and three furry friends.

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