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HAPPY COVER REVEAL DAY: The Between by Ryan Leslie

Happy Cover Reveal The Between by Ryan Leslie

After uncovering a doorway to another world in his back yard, Paul Prentice and his best friend, Jay, embark on an adventure that is as dangerous as it is extraordinary. In a place mysteriously connected to a command-line video game, the boys find themselves at the heart of the narrative, unable to break free of the ever-repeating cycle. Can they escape the dangers that lurk around every corner, or are they doomed to being trapped in "the between?"

Follow the adventures of Paul Prentice and Jay Lightsey to find out the answer in this thrilling debut from Ryan Leslie, THE BETWEEN, coming April 27, 2021!

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The Between by Ryan Leslie Cover Reveal

The Between by Ryan Leslie

While landscaping his backyard, ever-conscientious Paul Prentice discovers an iron door buried

in the soil. His childhood friend and perpetual source of mischief, Jay Lightsey, pushes them to

explore what's beneath.

When the door slams shut above them, Paul and Jay are trapped in a between-worlds place of

Escher-like rooms and horror story monsters, all with a mysterious connection to a command-

line, dungeon explorer computer game from the early ‘80s called The Between.