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HAPPY COVER REVEAL: The Apocalypse Rebellion (The Eldritch Twins, #3) by Nick Vossen

As the days grow shorter and we press further into the chill of late October, it is only natural to long to get lost within the pages of a book both weird and wonderful. Author Nick Vossen takes readers back into the world of The Eldritch Twins—Lilly and Quincy Swansong—in his third installment of The Eldritch Twins Series, THE APOCALYPSE REBELLION. We are delighted to unveil the latest cover in this series to you today!


The old blood stirs, and all hell breaks loose.

Dive back into Lilly and Quincy’s thrilling escapades as they band together with their few trustworthy friends to root out a cult determined to finally usher in the end of the known universe. While this cult is gaining followers at an alarming rate worldwide, our motley band of heroes travel to Europe to either stop the apocalypse…or die trying.

THE APOCALYPSE REBELLION is out October 25, 2022 and is available to preorder at your favorite online retailers!

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