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HAPPY COVER REVEAL: Unleashed, by Celia McMahon

We're kicking off the new year with another week of cover reveals! Our Snow Day Cover Reveal Campaign will showcase FIVE highly-anticipated reads from our projected Summer 2020 lineup.

The full moon's tonight, so what better cover reveal to end with than Celia McMahon's THIRD INSTALLMENT of the Unspoken Trilogy—Unleashed. This July, we'll join Izzy in her final battle against the Usurper king and prince to break the Gwylis curse once and for all...

Without further ado, here is McMahon's stunning cover:

Unleashed will release on July 7th, 2020 with The Parliament Press.

“I will claim my victory with claws and teeth and steel.”

In the wake of her battle to protect the Den, Izzy has crossed back into Stormwall to enact her plan with the former prince, Ashe, to retake the kingdom from within. Only weeks go by with no word from the prince and Izzy is faced once again with Ashe’s betrayal. She is forced to make alternate plans with a group of rebels to kill both king and prince.

But the world has always bent at odd angles for the wolf-princess. On the day of their battle, things don’t go as planned and Izzy finds herself once again fighting for her life and friends. In the chaos that follows, Izzy and her rebels lose Stormwall into the hands of the Gwylis.

When Izzy discovers that the king had been turning children into wolves, she embarks on a journey that will take her deeper into Mirosa to both save innocent lives and continue her brother Henry’s take of breaking the Gwylis curse. While battling her own demons, her friends have continued the path of their own destinies, each weaving together for one final battle. With the Uncanny’s power growing stronger there is more at stake than ever. Amidst demons and gods, Izzy must aim to break apart the world she knew, to build something even better in its place. A kingdom without demons or wolves. A new kingdom.

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