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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: A Three Letter Name by Annie Lisenby

The much anticipated release of Annie Lisenby's emotional debut, A THREE LETTER NAME, has arrived and we are thrilled to share this title with all of you, dear readers! Follow the quiet yet courageous duo, Els and Samuel, as they overcome obstacles both at home and against the bests that threaten everything they hold dear. They must learn to rely upon themselves and each other as they embark on their new life together...and perhaps find the love they have both needed.

A THREE-LETTER NAME is a gripping, new adventure fantasy by Annie Lisenby that will release in all formats on May 31st, 2022! Books are available for pre-order at all of your favorite retailers!




A touching YA fantasy for fans of A QUIET PLACE and PRINCESS MONONOKE.

Els never wanted to marry. Her calling was to protect her village from the feline beasts that prowl the forest at night, and love had no part in it. But after a fever steals much of her hearing, she is forced to decide between exile and marrying a stranger.

Samuel, Els’ new betrothed, is adjusting after an injury leaves him disabled. Never again will he be the great hunter and leader that his father expects, and after the girl he loves abandons him, he flees his village to escape scrutiny.

Before Els and Samuel can adapt to their life as a married couple, the very beasts that Els fended off spill more innocent blood, sending the village into a panic.

Now, there’s only one choice: hunt the beasts and kill every last one. And do it together.

Finding strength in their new disabilities, Els and Samuel must learn to listen with their hearts.

Their home and their lives depend on it.







Annie Lisenby lives in the Ozarks of southwest Missouri where she teaches theatre at the local community college. With an MFA in theatre, Annie has taught and performed professionally and is a member of the Screen Actors’ Guild. As an author, Annie writes freelance for the local interest magazine. She is a member of the Missouri Writers’ Guild, the Joplin Writers’ Guild and SCBWI. She has won multiple awards in local contests and has been published in the Joplin Writers’ Guild Anthology and in Chicken Soup for the Soul.

When not writing and teaching, Annie can be found reading and exploring nature with her husband and two children.

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