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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: Night Warden (Dark Dreamer, #3) by Amber R. Duell

It's finally here! Happiest of release days to Amber R. Duell! In the stunning conclusion to The Dark Dreamer Trilogy, Nora—now, Lady of Nightmares—must work with the Sandman to stop the insidious forces working to destroy the Nightmare Realm...

Back into the land of dreams, enemies, and magic in NIGHT WARDEN, out today!

Get your copy of Night Warden on Amazon, The Parliament Shoppe, or for Kindle, TODAY!

Haven't read the rest of the series yet?

Start here with BOOK ONE!

The Nightmare Lord has fallen.

The usurper, beaten.

Now darker forces rise.

Nora accepted her role as the Lady of Nightmares. With the Nightmare Kail at her side, she's even managed to excel, but past mistakes refuse to stay quiet. Not only is the Weaver narrating Nora's every move, but Mara—the Ancient that hitched a ride back to the Nightmare Realm—is intent on opening the Ever Safe. The Sandman is doing his best to plan Mara's defeat, but secrets threaten to tear everything apart.

In the thrilling conclusion to the Dark Dreamer trilogy, Nora and the Sandman must face old friends, dead enemies, and new betrayal if they're going to keep the Ever Safe shut. If they fail, both the Day and Night Worlds will descend into darkness.

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24 de mar. de 2020

I love the covers of this series! I will definitely have to start at the beginning

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