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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: The Crystal War (Fragments, #2), by Tracy Auerbach

Today's the day! The long-awaited sequel in Tracy Auerbach's Fragments Series is finally here. Amidst a color-coded dystopia, we rejoin Kai in the weeks following her escape from the Eastern Fortress. This time, it's back to a game of survival between her, Finn, and the most toxic compound the Science Council has developed thus far.

Peep the first two chapters on last week's blog, here!

Be sure to get your copy of The Crystal War (Fragments, #2) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or The Parliament Shoppe!

Start with Book One, The Sin Soldiers, HERE!

The line between human and monster is not as clear cut as they once thought.

In the weeks since her escape from the hell of the Eastern Fortress, things have grown more complicated for Kai. She cast her lot with her brother's self-absorbed boyfriend, who controls the Western Army, but she's been separated from Finn, the soldier who found a place in her heart.

Finn has defaulted to his signature move: he's run away; afraid of himself, his new feelings for Kai, and all the terrible truths he's learned.

Tessa is free in the world for the first time, a force to be reckoned with. She's gone to the far west and the Dome of Artifacts to seek revenge on the system that ruined her life.

The type 'A' soldier who was once a friendly boy named Charlie has been restored to factory settings, a weapon for Aric to use.

The Science Council has unleashed new crystal compounds, more toxic and destructive than anything the world has seen. As Kai and her friends struggle with everything that's been done to them, they will have to find a way to unite and prepare for the fight of their lives.

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