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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: To Fly the Raven (Dead Dreamer, #4) by Sarah Lampkin

The time has finally arrived for the much-anticipated conclusion of Sarah Lampkin's thrilling Dead Dreamer series—TO FLY THE RAVEN! Current fans and new readers alike will be excited for the winding adventure that brings Brenna's dark adventures to a close!

Dive back into Brenna Whit's tumultuous journey as she erupts from the chaos that reigned when those from across the sea came and worked relentlessly to regain control of their broken faction. Brenna's secrets were revealed, and everyone came for her—the dead and living alike. What is in store for our heroine in this next chapter?

Take a journey through the world of magic, monsters, mayhem, and more in TO FLY THE RAVEN—available for preorder at all of your favorite online retailers:



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Parliament House Press

Be sure to add TO FLY THE RAVEN to your Goodreads TBR shelf!


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