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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: Uncaged (Unspoken Series,#2), by Celia McMahon

Last year, author Celia McMahon told us the tale of a princess with a dark secret, and a kingdom of usurper rulers and hidden magic. Today, we're proud to release McMahon's riveting SEQUEL in the bestselling Unspoken Series, UNCAGED!

Add Uncaged to your Goodreads, and if you're ready to read, snag it from Amazon, B&N, The Parliament Shoppe, or wherever books are sold online!

If you haven't read book one, Unspoken, start here!

Uncaged (Unspoken Series, #2) by Celia McMahon

After escaping Stormwall, Izzy and Fray have finally crossed through the Archway and into The Old Kingdom in search of allies. But finding a place within Fray’s former pack is harder than they imagined. When Izzy’s father warred with the Gwylis, it made a lifelong enemy of the Rowan name. Fray’s betrayal of siding with Aquarius in the war makes him no less an enemy to the pack.  Izzy struggles to understand her newfound magic and build a relationship with her new family, but when the new king’s soldiers arrive in The Old Kingdom, Izzy must fight to secure the protection of her new home. With war looming once again, Izzy is thrust back into the life she tried to leave behind. As danger mounts, past, present, and future collide between kingdoms, and the lines of allegiances are drawn. Izzy must decide who she is willing to fight for, and where her loyalties truly lie.  UNCAGED is the stunning sequel to Celia McMahon’s debut UNSPOKEN, the first in her fantasy trilogy set in a world of curses, wolves, and war.

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