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Parliament House Press is Coming to Miami Book Fair!

The 37th annual Miami Book Fair is happening November 15-22, 2020, and due to the current circumstances we all face with the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, this year’s fair will be a little bit different—it will be housed entirely online! We are so thrilled to be a part of the Virtual Marketplace for the entirety of the fair’s eight-day run! 

In these times of social distancing and lockdown, the book community has found innovative ways to come together over a mutual love of the reading and production of books. We are so proud to be a part of that effort and to bring our catalog to all of the Miami Book Fair attendees.

Parliament House Press will have a virtual booth on the Miami Book Fair website, and will also be hosting a live-stream event as a part of our participation in the book fair. Details are forthcoming, so keep your eyes peeled for the schedule once it is released! 

Graphic credit: Miami Book Fair

You can find out more information about the Miami Book Fair on their website. Check out their list of upcoming events, and be sure to sign up to be informed about Miami Book Fair livestream programming for November 15-22!

You can follow the Miami Book Fair on:

Be sure to follow Parliament House Press for updates about Miami Book Fair Programming and upcoming books!


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