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READ THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS: Child Of Nod (The Balance, #1), by C.W. Snyder

Once upon a time, a curious girl called Alice finds herself in an even curiouser situation, when she wakes up in a world that isn't her own—on the other side of death. Determined to recall the otherwise hazy details of her demise, she embarks through the land of Nod in hopes of self-discovery... Or, whatever comes thereafter.

Here are the first TWO chapters of C.W. Snyder's Alice In Wonderland retelling, Child of Nod, exclusively on our blog.

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Chapter One


Her name was Alice. A minute ago, she wasn’t even sure

of that, wasn’t sure of anything in this new place. Realiza-

tion came to her as she looked around, as though a patch of

fog lifted from her mind, and the sun had come blazing

through. Then the brilliance was gone, receding back

behind a patch of gray, and she was left again with tattered

mist that drifted between her thoughts, obscuring answers

she felt sure she would need.

The next thing that came to Alice was an awareness of

her surroundings. It dawned on her as though someone had

thrown a switch—one moment, a dreamlike haze swirled

around her, filled with blank shapes, the next, the fog was

all in sharp focus. She was sitting in a clearing ringed by

trees, black in the low light. Their branches reached to the

roof of the earthen tunnel that enclosed them, some even

digging into the soil above, and disappeared as if they were

fingers sunk in loam. Beneath her, leaves long dead and dry