READ THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS: Disenchanted (Disenchanted, #1), by Brianna Sugalski

Once upon a time, centuries ago, the flames of a decades-long war engulfed the wildwood throughout the Kingdom of Brittany, displacing the beasts who lurked within. With no other choice, those fanged and clawed creatures fled to the scant remaining patches of forest. The largest was known as Brocéliande, already home to the elusive Fair Folk and within unsettling proximity to the human populace.

Seething, the faeries retreated into the eastern half of Brocéliande—La Basse Forêt. Slaves to the arcane law of Karma, they wait in the dark for any chance at retribution, ready to strike down any mortal or abomination in their path.

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Disenchanted (Disenchanted, #1), by Brianna Sugalski