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READ THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS: Of Blood and Magic by Shayne Leighton

Charlotte Ruzikova returns to her home in the Bohemian countryside, accompanied by her Vampire and their newfound family. By day, everything seems peaceful. But when night falls, more monsters descend upon our loveable coven of misfits and rogues.

A mysterious organization toils one thousand meters under Prague, threatening to unearth some deadly secrets about Valek’s past. All the while, a strange illness threatens Charlotte’s mortality.

Which monsters can be trusted, and which will eat her alive? Will love conquer death ...or will Charlotte drown in her own, toxic blood?

Shayne Leighton’s riveting sequel to Of Light and Darkness, OF BLOOD AND MAGIC, is out Tuesday, December 8th! Preorder your copy today:



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Parliament House Press

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