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READ THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS: Stars & Steel (Hook and Crown, #2) by Nicole Knapp

We are so thrilled to share this sneak peek into Stars & Steel, the second installment of author Nicole Knapp’s Hook & Crown series! This dive into a grittier Neverland is sure to enthrall readers of the series and new readers entering for the first time alike! Don’t miss out on this exciting fantasy retelling with a twist!

After escaping Neverland, Elena and Will are looking forward to starting over and moving on with their lives, but getting a fresh start is always easier said than done. Boundaries will be pushed, relationships will be tested, and not everyone will make it out alive. How do you stop a villain who does not die?

When it comes to Neverland, everything begins and ends with stars and steel.

Fly back into Neverland in this second installment of Hook and Crown, STARS & STEEL by Nicole Knapp—out next Tuesday, March second. Pre-order your copy NOW!



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