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READ THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS: The Hollow World (The Fragments Series, #3) by Tracy Auerbach

The time has come for Kai and her friends to make a final stand. As the war begins, everyone must choose a side. With the lines between good and evil more blurred than ever, she has to stick with her convictions and follow her heart. Kai’s first priority is to free Finn from the clutches of Tessa Raven, who has become no better than the evil she once fought against.

Dive deep into the third installment of The Fragmented Series, THE HOLLOW WORLD by Tracy Auerbach—out next Tuesday, February second. Pre-order your copy NOW!



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Raven ran her ungloved hand over the smooth, cool metal of the missile. She needed it to shatter the barrier—opening the way down so that she could destroy the Science Council. She knew enough about terminal ballistics to be able to calculate its exact impact on the crystal tube that led to the Science Council’s underground lair when it struck. The only problem was that the makeup of the tube was so unique...