• Malorie Nilson

READ TWO CHAPTERS: Beginning's End (The Empire Saga #3) by M. Dalto

Ever since her unexpected return to the Empire, all Alexstrayna wanted was to protect her family. Despite the life-altering events that occurred within the Borderlands, her family–those that remained–were all she had left. As Empress, it was her predestined duty to protect them while ensuring the safety of the Empire.

But when the ever-threatening forces from the Borderlands challenge the peace, she must search within herself to discover a new magic, one stronger than anything the Annals have foretold before.

For our chapter sneak this week we are doing something a bit different. We demur and give you a glimpse through a window into the world of this, the latest book in The Empire Saga. But to all those that have been following along on this riveting journey, we leave you in a bit of suspense after the events at the conclusion of book two, Mark of the Empress.

Read chapters nine and thirteen today, and be sure to pre-order your copy for release day—THIS TUESDAY!