• Malorie Nilson

SARAH LAMPKIN ON TOUR: An Interview with the Author of To Reap the Spirit

In celebration of the launch of To Reap the Spirit, the thrilling third installment of author Sarah Lampkin's Dead Dreamer series, I knew I wanted to sit down with her and talk about the Dead Dreamer series—To Reap the Spirit specifically, and her writing process in general. Ms. Lampkin graciously agreed to share her insight with all of us.

Without further ado...

MALORIE NILSON: Hello, Sarah! Thank you so much for joining me today. To jump right in, your novel, To Reap the Spirit, was just released on October thirteenth. Congratulations! What was your literary journey like while writing it?

SARAH LAMPKIN: The book was originally called Awakening back in 2011 and was a VERY different book. But as I was editing the novel for the official release, I realized...I absolutely HATED IT! It was boring, Brenna became soft, and I just wasn't here for it. So when I only had two months left in my deadline, I deleted the entire thing and started from scratch. It was a lot of late nights and a lot of whiskeys, but I was able to get it done (after an extension request). But it was completely worth it.

MN: Wow! Deleting the entire thing is a huge commitment! Since you already mentioned that you deletion perhaps this does not apply, but did you edit anything out of this novel that you regret nixing?