Hook & Crown, #2


After escaping Neverland, Elena and Will are looking forward to starting over and moving on with their lives.


But plagued by nightmares and the harsh realities of the real world, getting a fresh start is proving to be easier said than done. Just when they wonder if things can possibly get worse, an all too familiar fairy appears to burn what remains of their lives to the ground.


Fully aware that they are flying straight into a trap, Elena and Will set off on a rescue mission to the last place they ever thought they would see again. Neverland.


Just as deadly as before, the island awaits, ready to rip them apart and destroy everything they love. Boundaries will be pushed, relationships will be tested, and not everyone will make it out alive. How do you stop a villain who does not die?


When it comes to Neverland, everything begins and ends with stars and steel.


Stars & Steel by Nicole Knapp


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