A boutique publisher of the brilliantly bizarre


The Parliament House is a small traditional publisher, working with authors to produce brilliantly bizarre, original, and moving stories with an edge.





The Parliament House curates voicey upmarket urban fantasy and paranormal fiction with an emphasis on uplifting marginalized voices and unconventional narratives. We strive to inscribe magic onto every page and to capture our passionate readership with the enduring power of storytelling.


Our mission is not only to offer readers fantastical escapes, to make the impossible possible, but to share stories that are thought-provoking, evocative, and speak to the complexities of our lived reality.




  • Our titles have been reviewed and featured by Publisher's Weekly, Writer's Digest, The Washington Post, Foreword Reviews and more.

  • POD-model, eco-friendly publishing available via Amazon, B&N, IndieBound, and Book Depository.

  • Our digital catalog is distributed to all retailers by IPG.

  • Recognized by the Yale Leadership in Book Publishing Course at Yale School of Management.

  • Over 8.2k followers on Instagram and growing every day. 

  • We have established close relationships with reviewers and booksellers all over the world.

  • Represented our catalog at BookCon in 2019!