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At The Parliament House, we believe  pen and ink is as good as magic and spell, and we strive to provide a good home for those stories with a little extra magic. We work with our writers every step of the way on their literary journey, helping to bring out the most from their work. From multiple rounds of editing to unique, individualized marketing outreach, The Parliament House helps our authors produce brilliantly bizarre, original, and moving stories with some edge.

Why Parliament House? Pushing to become the "big kid" on the block in the publishing community, our team has a combined twenty-plus years experience in editing, marketing, and design. We bring a Manhattan quality aesthetic to independent traditional publishing. We specialize in a niche market and are very selective about the sorts of titles we accept, because we want to ensure each of our projects gets the attention it deserves. Every title is selected specifically because we believe in its ability to stand out and deliver a meaningful message to readers. 




Striving to be the Guillermo del Toro of the indie publishing world, The Parliament House was founded by Shayne Leighton, bestselling author and marketing professional.


The Parliament House curates fantasy and sci-fi of every scope with a specific taste for the weird, dark, and quirky. Be it contemporary, steampunk, paranormal, urban, or otherwise, it has to be the sort of magic that captures our attention and leaves a lasting impression.


Our mission is not only to provide the world with fantastic escapes into the impossible, but also to create a publishing home for the author, and more importantly, a family. Navigating through the business of publishing can feel daunting without the right support system and group of knowledgable experts. The Parliament House prides itself on being a supportive place for new and seasoned authors alike to thrive. 





Stories contracted by The Parliament House are treated the same (as best we can) as novels produced via the major five houses. Each book goes through extensive rounds of content & line edits, artwork, and packaging to ensure the highest quality possible as well as personalized three-month marketing plans assigned to every project including cover reveals, book trailer production, chapter sneak peeks and more. We help authors post-release too with reviews, physical signings, brick & mortar placement, and the immediate availability of all formats including digital, paperback, hardcover, and audio. *Not a vanity press. We never accept payment for publishing acquired titles. 





The Parliament House stands out from a sea of independent publishers because we approach publishing like each story is an old friend. Created by independent authors for independent authors, we recognize how important it is for your work to feel legitimate and to give it the time it truly deserves by hand-crafting gorgeous covers, trailers, and other marketing materials. Each acquisition is announced on the Publisher's Market Place and we make sure to spread the word to the right reviewers. Some writers spend decades on their novel, so the least we can do is ensure quality to your work.  






  • Most of our titles have achieved "bestselling" Amazon category statuses.

  • Titles reviewed by Publisher's Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, and Mugglenet.

  • POD-model, eco-friendly publishing available via Amazon, B&N, IndieBound, and Book Depository.

  • Over 40 titles published in the last three years.

  • Over 8.2k followers on Instagram and growing every day. 

  • Team of experts in graphic design, marketing, and editing to ensure quality work.

  • We have established close relationships with reviewers and booksellers all over the world.

  • Represented our catalog at BookCon in 2019!






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