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Murder on the Sapphire Bay by Alice J. Black: Release Day!

Even though it's no longer that time of year, The Parliament House is still staying spooky with another installment of Alice J. Black's Soul Seekers Series! Today marks the official release of BOOK SIX in the multi-part novella series, which will eventually become a box set that will also be available in paperback and hardcover.

After securing her first few cases with her new business, Soul Seekers, Peyton decides she needs a mini-break. Bringing her best friend, Olivia, on for a murder mystery tour on a moving train, she thinks she’s found a way to relax. Yet it doesn’t seem like relaxing was meant to be. As she finds herself trying to figure out how the woman in the compartment met her end in a grisly twist of events as well as battling for her life, her only salvation may be in the shape of a blast from the past…

Want to get to know our MC? Check out this awesome character interview with Peyton!

I: Peyton, tell us how things have been for you in the last few months?

P: That’s a question and a half! Things have changed, a lot. I’ve had a lot of support and I’ve taken the right steps forward. It’s not easy at times though.

I: What do you mean?

P: Lots of things really. Quitting alcohol was one of the hardest things I’ve done. It’s left me vulnerable in so many ways. Without Olivia I wouldn’t have made it through.

I: So she’s been a big support during this hard time?

P: Absolutely. She’s my best friend.

I: Do you ever get tired of spending so much time together?

P: No. With us it just works. We have our odd moments of bickering but that’s usual for any friendship, right? I mean we work together and live so closely that it’s bound to get a bit much at times.

I: So do you think going on a trip away is a good idea?

P: Sure. We both work hard and we deserve a break.

I: So you booked your murder mystery excursion without Olivia knowing, didn’t you?

P: Kinda. I mean she knew I wanted to go away but I didn’t go into the specifics.

I: And you think she’ll take it okay?

P: Olivia will adapt. She always does.

I: Do you ever thing you’ll get tired of hunting ghosts?

P: Um… no. I think each case is unique and I have to puzzle it out or do a whole load of research to figure it out. It’s not all excitement and action though. A lot of people don’t understand a lot of the background work that goes into it.

I: Do you have any experiences that are the most memorable?

P: It’s hard to pick. I mean how can you choose between seeing a spirit coming out of a cinema screen and a malicious spirit who won’t let a hotel go? And that’s not to mention having a friend thrown out of the window!

I: That friend you mentioned, that’s Jake, right?

P: Yeah.

I: Do you still think of him?

P: Sometimes. I think about all of the cases we’ve had a lot.

I: So you leave for the murder mystery tour soon don’t you?

P: That’s right. I’m going to have to finish packing too otherwise Olivia will kill me!

I: What three items are a must pack?

P: Clean underwear. A good pair of comfy jeans and some pyjamas.

I: I’m noticing a theme around clothing here.

P: I like my comforts.

I: Last question for you, Peyton.

P: Shoot.

I: You hunt ghosts for a living, something that most people would agree is one of the most terrifying things you can deal with. What are you afraid of?

P: …

I: Peyton!

P: I’ve got to run, sorry!

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