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Weirdness is in their blood.

After a near cataclysmic worldwide event shook the foundations of society and unleashed numerous supernatural hazards onto the Earth, twins Quincy and Lilly just want to lead their lives as normally as possible. However, this proves to be quite difficult. The twins are the heirs of legendary horror writer and occultist W.A. Swansong, who has been declared a prophet now that many of his gruesome creations appear to really exist.

When a mysterious inheritance falls into the twins’ hands, a strange and violent secret organization becomes hell-bent on finding them. Quincy and Lilly are forced to flee their hometown of New Orleans, leading them on a wild, supernatural chase throughout the southern United States. With only a handful of allies and a trapped Fire Vampire named Tim, the twins uncover a great mystery tied to their inheritance, the source of all pandemonium, and even the true origins of mankind.

The Swansong Conspiracy (The Eldritch Twins, #1) by Nick Vossen is out TUESDAY, October 6, 2020!

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Chapter 1

IF THE BRIGHTEST of minds are the most susceptible to madness and gloom, then let it be known that I, for one, am glad that Quincy Swansong has his off days just like the rest of us, living or dead.

Quincy simply couldn’t concentrate in class today. He slumped down at his training table, looked around the lecture hall at the colorful mix of people attending, and sighed. The young man next to him was drawing some kind of horned creature in the corner of his journal, and some girls in front of him giggled through hushed whispers.

The philosophy teacher droned on in the most annoying monotone voice he had ever heard, and the lecture itself consisted of the same grasping-at-straws theories.

“So, in the light of the events from the past three years... the realms of science and philosophy have changed dramatically,” the teacher continued while standing with his back to the class, endlessly writing gibberish on the whiteboard.

Quincy rolled his eyes. Same stuff, different day, he thought.

The student on the other side of Quincy was clicking his pen over and over, the soft ticking of the plastic making a nice distraction from the teacher’s buzzing voice, as well as the slow descent into madness Quincy was feeling by attending the lecture.

He stopped taking down notes for a moment and breathed in, slow and steady.

“With the existence, and now absence, of God, the Almighty Creator, proven... the great philosophical conundrum shifted in its wake.”

Click, Click, Click, Clack.

Quincy shifted uncomfortably in his seat and glanced down at his lecture notes; a drawing of a small bunny with rows of enormous teeth would certainly not help him during the upcoming midterms. He looked over at the drawing of the student next to him. The huge horned rat now gracing the bottom of the paper looked way scarier than Quincy’s scribbles. His drawing was definitely below standard...

Then again, what was even considered standard anymore? Daily life itself wasn’t exactly what it used to be a few years ago. He figured the fact that he was still sitting here taking lectures was a miracle all by itself.

“Therefore, the great philosophical questions in life no longer stem from Why are we here? We know that now; it was to serve God in all His glory. No, the right existential questions would currently fit more into the lines of answering What the hell did we do? and/or How the hell can we get Him back? Now, if you turn to page three hundr—”

The loud buzzing of a bell sounded through the hall.

Both the student next to him and Quincy himself jerked to attention. It was an obnoxious sound, but it did just the trick to snap them out of trance and back into reality.

“For next time, I want you to study chapters five through eight. Afterwards, we will discuss the philosophical and moral consequences of having to choose a new God in favor of our old one. Perhaps we need to be able to sell ourselves as a good and obedient planet to the best possible candidate.”

Quincy yawned and grabbed his bag before straightening the sagging glasses on his nose and leaving a big smudgy fingerprint on them, to his disdain. He made his way towards the door—towards freedom from the dull classroom—and the weekend. It was not like he had many plans, but college had been rough on him these past few days: he had been late a couple of times, and lately he noticed his interests in the subjects at hand started to wane. Thus, he hoped a little relaxation might absolutely do the trick to set his mind at ease.

You see, Quincy was a strapping young lad at twenty-one. He was slightly older than most college students, but it wasn’t his fault that the school systems basically shut down for a couple of years before he could finish his studies and graduate.

Anyways, he dressed and spoke like a refined gentleman, most of the time, and his hair was cut neatly into an executive contour with a dash of pomade that really did the trick to get it as slick as possible. He was not bad-looking by any stretch of the imagination, but his smartness often exceeded his social interaction and banter. Often, but not always.

“Hey, Swansong!”

Quincy stopped at the classroom door and turned around to see one of the stereotypical frat house jocks strolling towards him and braced himself, wondering what kind of stupidity was going to flap out of Todd’s mouth this time.

“Yeah?” he replied, keeping a bored expression on his face.

“Maybe Great Tharon will be our new God. Wuuuuu hooooo, can you imagine?” The meathead nudged his friends to join in on the banter, and one bobbed his head along, giggling like one of those electronic Elmo dolls in the process.

“Look at this nerd. Weirdo!” another one joked.

Quincy took a good look at the tall, ugly jock in front of him. He wanted to go ahead and congratulate the buffoon on remembering one of my—I mean, one of his great-uncle’s stories and to remind him that apparently most of what he had written had turned out to be true. But he decided to let it slide, secretly hoping that something would materialize around the guy sooner or later, making him pee his pants... That would be neat. I should make a note.

But for today, Quincy simply struck where it would hurt—the brain.

“Good one, Todd,” he replied sarcastically. “Say, maybe you could then ask Tharon why you're failing every class.”

Quincy could see Todd’s face getting redder by the second and enjoyed every last bit of it. The disapproving look from their professor broke Todd from the spell, and after the knucklehead tried to come up with a fitting reply for about forty-five seconds, he simply gave up.

Quincy grinned before he turned and marched outside. It was not always the case, not even for him, but he liked it when brains got a one-up over brawn and made a mental note to tell his sister about this later; he was sure she’d love to hear it. Ah... Lilly Swansong, I believe I have never laid eyes (quite literally, I should say) on any young woman fiercer than her. The perfect balance to her twin brother; together, they could move mountains.


The view from Lakeshore Drive across Lake Pontchartrain was especially stunning today. Even though taking the bus back to his apartment was usually a lot faster, on days like this Quincy definitely enjoyed walking home. He loved to move along the paved pathways while taking in the nice green stretches of grass to the north of the drive. The ancient oak trees grew tall and wide here, and Quincy appreciated their company.

Today, however, he decided to walk straight home instead of continuing onward and taking his favorite detour along Milneburg Lighthouse.

The slight breeze blowing into town lifted his spirits a little bit, but for most of the walk, Quincy was lost in thought. He couldn’t shake the feeling that his life was about to change drastically and wondered again if quitting college was the best idea for him: Do a de-stress from everything and just live for a while. He certainly seemed to like the idea of simply living in the moment with no major responsibilities instead to himself and his sister Lilly. We all want things; not being a featureless mass of aether distortion would be nice, but hey, things happen for a reason.

It was at the intersection of Lark and Marigny that he saw someone approaching him just from the corner of his eye.

“Hey, man. Could you perhaps spare some change?

Maybe a dollar? I want to get me a sandwich or summing. Please help a guy out.”

Quincy sighed, turning to face the battered old man. He was wearing rags, for the most part, and used old dented tin cans as knee protectors. He looked very low on personal hygiene; his beard was long and tangled. He also had the most crooked eyes Quincy had ever seen. On a more peculiar note, his skin was very transparent—literally.

“Look, Old Man Walters...” Quincy shook his head. “We've been over this, man. You are dead. A ghost. Gone. You don't need any money. You've been dead for as long as I can remember.”

The old man looked puzzled, clearly trying to find the right words to reply. Quincy was hopeful that perhaps he had finally gotten through to Walters to leave him alone, when the ghost replied with, “You wanna buy some porno tapes? C'mon, man, I only need a few dollars.”

“Ugh! See, this is what I mean.” Quincy rubbed his forehead. “We don't use tapes anymore. We now have DVDs, and with the Internet, I can't even begin to tell you how redundant tapes are and... Wait, why am I even having this conversation?”

“No tapes then?”

“Move into the light or something, Walters. I'm done here,” Quincy snapped as he doubled his pace to shake off the somehow still horrible-smelling apparition.

A few years ago, Quincy would’ve been absolutely mortified to bump into a real-life ghost in the streets of New Orleans or pretty much anywhere else. Strangely enough though, ghosts are some of the least troublesome things you could encounter nowadays.

Let me start at the beginning...

It all started about three years ago, when, in the deserts of Egypt, a giant obelisk, comparable in size to the Empire State Building in New York, erupted from the ground seemingly overnight. Many experts were baffled and couldn’t possibly find an explanation for this so-called latest Wonder of the World. It was only when the discovery of writing was made upon the face of the obelisk many, many feet up that the world truly went into shock.

The writing upon the obelisk, when translated from such languages as Ancient Sumerian, Latin, Biblical Hebrew, Sanskrit, Old English, and Navajo, revealed that the message on its surface was from God. The message entailed that God, while having enjoyed being our keeper and creator for these past millennia, simply couldn’t handle the responsibilities and damage control expected of Him


The message further stated that He, the Almighty God, ruler and creator of the Earth and all of its creatures and marvels, was disappointed and... He was leaving.

Naturally, skeptics and believers alike raved upon hearing the message, and for the first couple of months, it was generally perceived as a giant prank, however unlikely it was to pull off. However, soon all hell started to break loose on Earth, and the general population started to take the Obelisk's message seriously.

You see, the last thing that God warned humanity about was that in His absence, the amalgamation of absolutely everything terrible in this known universe, and others, would probably be either heading for (or waking up on) Earth. Now, imagine mankind's surprise when not only did they find out God really existed... but had abandoned them on the day He revealed Himself.

Oh! And then there was the small footnote about the entire world going down the toilet faster than humanly possible.

It started slow with people reporting feeling uneasy in places they always perceived as comfortable. Then, slowly but surely, reports came in of strange sightings of unknown creatures: ghosts, zombies, and vampires, but also of angels and demons. The scientific world was turned upside down; experts in pretty much every scientific field were baffled because suddenly, every single supernatural creature or beast imaginable was as real as the morning sunrise—it literally shook the world's foundations.

Exactly one year after the discovery of the Obelisk, a war broke out in Egypt. It was not a war of feuding countries, crazy presidents, or malevolent dictators; rather, it was the first war for mankind's survival. The war to delay events of such magnitude that they would border us on the brink of extinction.

From beneath the Valley of the Kings, an old giant entity rose up named “Alghuurl: The Old, Tired, and Hungry,” and crawling from the hot desert sands with him were tens of thousands of crab-like monsters. Alghuurl was a distinctly nasty specimen of Elder Giant, a race of huge stone-like humanoids that presumably went extinct, or at least left the Earth, billions of years before humanity was even considered a thing.

The nations of the world banded together, and a global army was formed to combat the entity. Ultimately it fell, although rumors persist that it was really trapped in a sepa‐ rate reality. You see, there are countless realities swirling around in the void, all of which are created at the exact moment a choice, any choice, is made somewhere along the world. Next to this possibility of limitless versions of our own reality, there are other dimensions entirely. Shadowy, mirror-like verses of our own worlds or vast plains of alienesque gruesomeness simply too horrible to describe. It’s the realm of the departed that’s also very interesting, now...Eh. I seem to have gone into quite a tangent there, haven’t

I? Anyway. So. Thousands died in the fight against Alghuurl, and from the ashes of war two distinct organizations rose to power. The first was the Global Defense Force, GDF, consisting of only the highest ranking, most elite soldiers in the world. They were tasked to respond to any incident with a threat level higher than five in Type 1+ Awakening Events, but more on that later.

The second was a mysterious shadow organization called Haven. To outsiders, they are mostly known as the men in black, or not known at all. Their operations consisted of a more secretive approach, and they were often spotted in places where supernatural occurrences were reaching their peak.

After the Kraken wars, as they were later known, and the arrival of the GDF and Haven organizations, Earth went through what probably could be considered the most eyebrow-raising of changes: Humanity actually accepted their fate and adapted their current state of affairs...Simply put, they went along with their merry lives. The faculties of natural science rejoiced with the coming of uncountable new specimens in flora and fauna, and those delving into the realms of quantum physics really started to pick up the pace on their research after dealing with the one or two Dimensional Shambler incidents. Nasty buggers, but dealing with aggressive native wildlife after opening portals to other worlds is just part of the job description now.

Quincy was snapped out of his daze, where he’d been just staring at his apartment door, by his neighbor, Mrs. Silverstein, who was a terrible old lady with blue frizzly hair, nasty orange skin, just about three teeth left, and she usually sported the worst kind of bad breaths.

“Mr. Swansong,” she cheerfully greeted into Quincy’s right ear. “How is your sister, my dear?”

“Gah!” Quincy jerked back upon seeing the leathery old woman. “You startled me, Mrs. Silverstein. Ehm, Lilly is at work. So, probably fine?” Quincy reached for the door behind him.

“I see... well, we have to talk about Mr. Bhering’s faulty doorbell up on fourth...”

“Oh okay, no thanks, bye!” Quincy shut the door behind him, leaving the old lady standing in the hall, still talking.

He shook off his jacket and flung it towards the coat rack. Yikes, he thought. The old lady gave him the creeps, and he’d seen ghosts today. Granted, most souls trapped on Earth could be considered less harmful than a crazy old bat giving him the stink eye, so let’s not be too hard on Quincy.

Checking the contents of the fridge revealed nothing interesting or, at least, edible. Thus, Quincy took the liberty to decide that he and his twin sister, Lilly, whom he shared the apartment with, were going to order out... That is, if the pizza delivery guy was going to be on time. The last time they had ordered pizza, the guy that usually delivers on their block had apparently fallen into a whirling pocket dimension created by a real joker of a Pooka, which resulted in the pizza being delivered the day before it was ordered.

Quincy called and placed their usual order before kicking off his shoes and resting his feet on the living room table. Settled, he picked up the remote control and turned on the news.


There was a wall of sound inside the pet shop that was almost unbearable to sit through for any stretch of time, let alone eight hours a day. The constant screeching, barking, meowing, scratching, slurping, and general absence of anything resembling a relaxing atmosphere was oppressive.

Along the left wall were cages full of colorful creatures ranging from simple domestic pets to dangerous-looking slimy things. To the right-hand side of the store was a wall of supplies, carefully placed and priced with care and precision.

It was also the place to be in New Orleans to get exotic pets, and the line of customers often went around the block, just as it did today.

In the back of the store was a small desk and registry; behind it sat a girl. She had semi-long curly hair, pink cheeks, and a fair complexion. Her eyes were as blue as the ocean, and her smile was especially captivating. Still, there seemed to be a lingering darkness about her. She was often distant or dreaming, much to the dismay of customers when they went to check out or ask a question.

Today, she seemed extremely stressed with sweat drip‐ ping off her forehead as she tried to juggle the constant stream of phone calls, as well as the people who had been standing in line.

“Ma'am, you have to listen to what I am saying,” she spoke into the phone, trying not to yell. “Primordial Wurms need to be released in the desert approximately three months before reaching adulthood and...” She bit back a sigh. “Yes? Yes, I know they are cute, ma'am. But... ma'am. Ma'am. Please listen, they have a tendency to eat people. Uh huh...” She rolled her eyes. “No, it doesn't matter if they are raised with love and care... ma'am. Please hold.”

The girl pressed a blinking red button on the telephone device, took a deep breath, then said, “Good afternoon, Nawlin's Exotic Pets, Lilly speaking.”

“Hey, lady!” a man shouted from the row of people. “How about you help us first, huh? We've actually taken the time to come to your store ourselves!”

“In a minute!” Lilly yelled towards the mass of people before putting the phone back to her ear.

“No, sir, we do not sell kittens for feeding purposes. Every cat we sell nowadays will require a comprehensive background check from the potential owner for current or past ownership of Cerberi... Hello? Sir? Damn!” Lilly threw down the phone. “Next in line!”

“Hey there, love, now I'm pretty sure you could help a man out with his... snake problem, can’t you?”

The man that came to stand in front of Lilly was utterly gross; he looked dirty, and his skin was flaking off in more than one spot. Furthermore, his breath could bury a thou‐ sand ghouls back into the ground.

“Sir, please step back. I am very busy and am certainly not in the mood for this kind of crap.” Lilly rolled her eyes and tried looking past the man for the next person in line.

The man's eyes shot to her name tag, and his face twisted into a crooked grin.

“Hmm, Swansong, huh? Perhaps you can sing me something as well, sugar.” The man licked his lips, and drool dripped down towards the register desk.

Lilly shuddered.

“How about... corpse walks into pet store and messes with the wrong girl? You sick freak, get the hell out of the store!”

The man was taken aback but didn’t look like he was about to take no for an answer. With incredible speed, he lunged over the registry and tried to grab Lilly by her collar.

“Listen here, you little shit, that’s no way to treat someone who fought for this country, fought for the entire world! I'm the reason y'all are still alive today. I deserve to be treated with respect,” he hissed.

Something in Lilly snapped. All of the noise coming from the shop was drowned out, from the loud screeching of animals to the commotions of the people in line. With lighting fast and nimble fingers, she grabbed the man's hands and pulled his fingers backwards. There was a loud crack, and the man screamed from the top of his lungs; Lilly held tight.

“Listen up, scumbag. I've seen all the crap the world can throw at me; I was there, too. Nineteen at the time and as fragile as I could be.” She lowered her head and glared. “But I remain unbroken. Do you think you can waltz in here and act like you can do anything just because you survived some tentacled freaks and ten thousand others didn’t? You're a disgrace!”

Some of the other customers were now becoming visible agitated as well; most of them seemed to express disdain for the dirty man and appeared to take Lilly’s side.

The man, burning with pain and anger, went on a rampage through the store. He was running around and yelling, knocking over food trays, empty cages, and even some of the other customers. Eventually, he took a tumble and smacked his head against the cages holding Carnivopods.

There was a crack.

“Oh! Oh no!” Lilly said, realizing then the full extent of what exactly happened. “Uh, don't panic. You there.” She pointed at a rather pale-stricken man with sweat dripping down his balding head. “Call the police, or if this gets worse, see if any GDF troops are on standby. Anyone else... grab a net or something!” she gulped.

It was already too late for a net. The broken cage door creaked open, and the man's unconscious head was swallowed whole by a small gelatinous, octopus-like creature with three rows of razor-sharp, buzz saw-like teeth between its tentacles. He deserved it.

In the ensuing panic that erupted, the mindless noise of the customers and animals kept growing. While customers were running for the exit, Lilly hovered around the cage with a cattle prod, but every time she tried to get close to the creature, a tentacle slapped her away. One time, it even latched around her ankle and made her fall flat on her ass.

Eventually, the Carnivopod slowly crept back into its cage and shut it behind it. It even seemed to smirk before going to sleep.

Meanwhile, at the height of all the chaos, Lilly's boss came back from his lunch break and stumbled upon a panicked mob and a twitching man on the floor with his skin half-ripped off his head. Lilly swallowed hard at the look on her boss’s face.

“I can explain everything,” she said through gritted teeth.

At that moment, a giant macaw leapt from its cage above the register and took... well, let’s just say the balding head of Lilly’s boss wasn’t bald anymore.


Quincy was half asleep when the apartment door slammed shut. He jumped up and threw a pillow towards it. Blinking, he was relieved to see it was just Lilly coming home after her workday, the pillow landing at her feet.

She smirked.

“Dang, you scared me,” he said, rubbing his eyes. “How was your day?”

Lilly sighed and threw herself onto the couch next to her brother. “Well... next to the usual stress of huge crowds and being understaffed, a guy got his face chewed off by a Carnivopod today. And my boss blamed me for provoking him.” She grunted.

“Oh man, are you okay?” He frowned. “But wait... did you provoke him?”

“He came onto me first!” Lilly shouted. “It was another one of those veterans gone insane. I kinda broke his fingers, but still!”

“Broke his fi—”

“So I probably got fired today,” she cut in, ignoring him.

“Boss isn’t sure yet; he’s understaffed as it is.”


“The guy's chewed-up face, it was an accident; he did it to himself.” She huffed. “I saw the same stuff he did, and I'm not crazy, am I?”

Quincy chuckled.

“It's okay. These things just tend to happen nowadays; it’s not your fault.”

“Thanks.” She smiled. “How about you then, how was your day?”

“Same old smack, different day,” he reported, twirling a drink coaster around on the table in front of them. “Teacher is a ripe old idiot, and lectures themselves border on mania. I'm thinking about changing majors, start studying at my own pace, maybe even taking a break from everything.”