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Sixteen And Setting The Publishing World On Fire

The Parliament House is more than excited to announce the acquisition of sixteen-year-old Casey Millette's debut epic fantasy, Cursed: The Warrior Inside.

A war has been raging between kings and clans for centuries. Nations split and kingdoms fall. Caught in the midst of the war, twenty-five-year-old Aldor faces a choice; leave home and start his life, or stay and protect what little he has. Aldor has only made one friend in his life and has never seen a legendary creature before. As soon as he steps outside his door, he finds himself an outlaw and hunted by creatures of pure fantasy. Then, he is asked by a king to recover something legendary. . . a lost stone. Whoever reaches the Stone will be unstoppable. Aldor is forced onto a team of misfits, all participating in the race to find the mythical object. But just as things start to look promising, disaster strikes, wielding unexpected and terrifying results. Aldor`s life will never be the same as he struggles with true feelings of fear. Loss, love, and suffering for the very first time. . .

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Casey is brand new to publishing, but with her exciting voice and fresh spin on dragons...she is sure to set bookshelves on fire early in 2018!

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