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ANNOUNCING a very special pre-order campaign: THE BOOK AND THE BLADE by A. B. Finlayson!

We are thrilled to bring you this very special, exclusive pre-order campaign for debut author A. B. Finlayson's exciting and hilarious upcoming novel The Book and the Blade (Arthur Crazy, #1)!


Arthur Crazy is drunk and seeing ghosts.

This is not a metaphor. The dead are walking and talking, and it doesn't matter that Arthur doesn't believe in them. They believe in him.

Too drunk to recall how he stumbled upon his nascent power, Arthur is burdened with newfound responsibility: he’s the only one who can hear the unfinished business of every dead guy in York, and he’s the only one who can help.

As forgotten legends and lost demons stir all over the cobbled streets and snickleways, Arthur finds himself at the centre of an unfolding mystery—a light in the desert, a fart at a funeral—and he is about to discover that an unfortunate surname isn't the only thing that makes him stand out.

Arthur just wants to sober up, have a kebab, and go home, but his conscience is knocking loud and clear, demanding he open the damn door. He may not be the hero the dead need, but he’s the one they’re stuck with. Besides, one of those ghosts seems kind of cute.


To celebrate the upcoming release, we are excited to announce a pre-order campaign with a surprise premium reward for readers who support the author, A. B. Finlayson, by ordering a physical copy of the book from the Parliament House Press shop and select online retailers*!

From now through 11:59 PM on February 27, 2023, pre-orders will receive an exciting gift to be revealed here and on social media in the coming week—exclusive only to this pre-order campaign! Quantities are limited, so get your order in NOW! (Please note that rewards are limited to North America at this time)

Get lost in the winding snickleways of York, meet the delightful dead that haunt the cobblestone passageways through the city, and discover the charm and wit behind THE BOOK AND THE BLADE—out February 28, 2023!

Dive into the spirit-filled supernatural universe that author A. B. Finlayson has created in The Book and the Blade, coming to bookstores February 28, 2023! Pre-order your copy TODAY!

*Orders are eligible if they are for a hardcover or paperback version of THE BOOK AND THE BLADE purchased from the Parliament House Press online shop, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble. International shipping for rewards is not available at this time.

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