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Sneak Peek: CLARE AT SEVENTEEN by Don Roff

The time has finally arrived! Grab your knives and your devious personalities because the time is fast approaching for your next adventure in the streets of Pickman Flats with our favorite little serial killer—Clare Bleecker. You heard right, NEXT WEEK is the much anticipated release for CLARE AT SEVENTEEN by Don Roff! In celebration of this upcoming title, scroll down for an exclusive sneak peek!

Clare is a devoted vegan who goes to Catholic high school, is fastidious in her manner, and also, well...a killer. The Other Clare takes over at the most inopportune of times—or perhaps at the best of times. She tries to keep her inner beast at bay, but it's hard when there are so many creeps around who are just begging for her to unleash it.

Pick up where we left of on this journey to discover...who is Clare really?

If you want answers, well…there’s only one way to find out—even if it kills you.

xoxo, Slay responsibly!

You won't want to miss this terrifying romp with this irreverent teen. CLARE AT SEVENTEEN by Don Roff is out October 18, 2022.


Click the cover below to dive in!


After the tragic events that rocked Pickman Flats, Clare Marie Bleecker is a year older and far wiser. She fights to suppress The Other Clare, practicing a mindful self-care regime that keeps her fierce alternate personality caged. However, the violence in the small Eastern Washington town is only beginning for the vegan serial killer, who’s found a new kind of celebrity and fame.

After the disappearance of famed suspense author Lois J. Cain, Clare is hauled into the police station as the primary suspect. Now she must prove her innocence and track down the real kidnapper of her favorite author to prove her own innocence to the tough-as-nails police detective Jaqui Zang. However, as corpses start piling up around Clare, she faces even more blame.

Clare learns that nothing is as it seems in her new reality. Searching her past for clues, Clare must piece the terrifying puzzle together, and she must do so quickly to save herself and her loved ones from a murderous mystery figure hellbent on playing a dangerous game.

Will Clare win or die?

Haven't yet read CLARE AT SIXTEEN? Slay the day away with your new favorite little serial killer, available at all of your favorite online retailers. Don't be like a corpse and sleep on this one...order your copy NOW!


Don Roff is the author of over 16 books including–Scary Stories, Zombie Tales, Dragon Adventures, Werewolf Tales, and Zombies: A Record of the Year of Infection. His chilling suspense thriller, Snowblind, is soon to be a major film from The Traveling Picture Show Company. He is a former U.S. Army Ranger.

You can find out more about Don Roff on:

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