The Parliament House Welcomes Candace Robinson

Seems as though we've been making a lot of acquisition announcements lately, and we are showing no signs of slowing down!

Tomorrow (December 7th) marks a very exciting day for the indie community. If you haven't heard of #PitMad on twitter (especially if you're an indie author, or want to be) you're missing out!

#PitMad is a twitter-wide event that lasts an entire day. Authors are invited to pitch their new book projects only utilizing their twitter-allotted 140 characters or less! (Think writing a synopsis is a challenge? Think again!)

Our very own acquisition editor, Mary Bernsen will be one of the participating editors, scouring tweets for that diamond in the rough! But #PitMad is not the only exciting thing happening this week!

Today, we are announcing yet another addition to the growing Parliament House family!

CLOUDED BY ENVY is a brand new crossover paranormal fantasy by Candace Robinson, akin to Goblin's of Bellwater. . .<