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Are Our Characters Naughty or Nice?

Whether or not you believe ol' Saint Nick is a work of fiction or fact, there is little argument over where he might place some of our very own fictional (yet extremely morally-conflicted) characters.

Readers have yet to be introduced to some of our newer heroes and villains, but as well all gear up for the new year, what better way is there to get to know who is about to either burn down or hold up your bookshelves...

Be warned, however. You may want to make a list (and check it twice) when deciding which of these characters to invite to your next holiday party.


Cursed: The Hunter Inside by Casey M. Millette

Nice - Laurence is by far one of the least intense of the members of the group attempting to find the Stone of Haran. He enjoys the little things, like rain, cinnamon, nature, and music. His loyalty makes him someone everyone trusts. Though he can fight as well as any of the company members, he doesn't compromise when it comes to learning things and prides intelligence over other virtues.

Guy Gregory

Cursed: The Hunter Inside by Casey M. Millette

Naughty - When he gets mad, he gets mad. His bad attitude creates problems for the group on their journey. His frustration can be his greatest strength, but it comes back to bite him. Gregory is an intensely driven person, but it sometimes comes across as aggressive, and prompts him to do reckless things.


Stolen by Marlena Frank

Nice - Determined to find a way to see his ex-boyfriend, this white-haired faerie helps Shaleigh out of a very dangerous situation in the Slumbering Forest. He’s willing to risk his life to help a stranger in need, even if that stranger is a human.


A Wild and Unremarkable Thing by Jen Castleberry

Nice - Driven by the desire to save her sisters from poverty, Cody / Cayda will stop at nothing-even if it means facing certain death!


Stolen by Marlena Frank

Naughty - Shaleigh doesn’t handle family issues very well. She would rather explore dilapidated buildings rather than face her problems head-on. Perhaps that’s why she got kidnapped to begin with.


Stolen by Marlena Frank

Nice - The High Faerie of the Garden, and assistant to Madam Cloom since she is currently holding power in the Garden, Teagan is surprisingly helpful to Shaleigh. Although he comes off as cold to begin with, Shaleigh quickly learns that he’s kinder than he seems, and works to win his favor in her attempt to survive.

Madam Geneva Cloom

Stolen by Marlena Frank

Naughty - The current Steward of the Garden, Madam Cloom jealously guards the power she has fought to obtain. She wants to be seen as a great ruler without the work and sacrifice that it requires.


Stolen by Marlena Frank

Nice - He makes quite the impression as a living lion statue, but beneath his stone exterior and massive size, he’s actually quite sweet. He’s better at being a librarian than a guardian, but is still one of the first creatures Shaleigh befriends in the strange new world.

Captain Andra Briar

Stolen by Marlena Frank

Naughty - A woman with questionable opinions, Captain Briar is both feared and respected in her position as Captain of the Guard in the Garden. Her distaste of faeries is well-known, and she would rather be slaughtering them than taking orders from one. She butts heads often with Teagan because of this.


Nocturnal Meetings of the Misplaced by R.J. Garcia

Nice - Tommy definitely make the nice list grew up quickly covering for his drug addicted mother and taking care of his little sister.


Nocturnal Meetings of the Misplaced by R.J. Garcia

Naughty - Finn is Tommy rebellious neighbor. He is naughty and nice. He is brave and loyal but creates his own rules. He leaps before he thinks.Both boys are rough around the edges, products of their environments. They have potential to be so much more than cogs in the machine.