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  • Jadie Jones

#FandomFriday: Reasons To Read Wildwood

In case you needed a little more coercing to get started on this epic trilogy, here are four solid reasons to take the plunge with Tanzy and the gang!

1. You enjoy solving a mystery in time with the Protagonist. This story is written in first person present, through the eyes of Tanzy Hightower. She watches her father die in a riding accident set into motion by supernatural forces, and must visit her past life to learn why he was targeted. Little bread crumbs are dropped along the way, which some readers won’t see for what they are until the final twist is revealed. Can you figure it out before she does?

2. You think science is kinda neat but it also kinda freaks you out. I learned that humans hear less than 1% of the sounds spectrum and see less than 1% of the color spectrum. So what is going on around us all the time that we don’t experience? This inspired me to create a world Unseen, which shares our world like two plays on one stage. If you think too hard about the meaning of life, how and why we’re all here, and if there’s any way to prove that everything isn’t just a figment of your imagination, we are kindred spirits, and this story might be right up your alley.

3. You like to see what happens to grow with the characters. This is an epic-style fantasy that dives into the past, present, and future of Tanzy and company over the course of three books. If you love character-driven journeys and relationships with failures, betrayals, and sacrifices, you will enjoy getting to know these characters.

4. You like a dash of romance, but sandwiched between two heavy slices of mystery and adventure. There is love in this story, but it’s a secondary storyline to a journey through past lives, dark motives, and sweeping landscapes. There is also an indirect exploration in fate vs choice, and what makes us who we are.

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