Acquisition Announcements: Peter Pan & Alice In Wonderland Retellings Coming Soon!

The Parliament House team is no stranger to a fantastic retelling (or two!) Ask our senior editor, Chantal Gadoury who penned the not-so-well-known Grimm fairy tale retelling, Allerleirauh...or even our most recent release, A Wild & Unremarkable Thing, which has some parallels to the story of Mulan!

Today, we are super excited to introduce not one, but TWO new authors and their fantastic retellings. Both titles coming very soon...

Nicole Knapp's PETER PAN retelling (tentatively-titled Second Star To The Right) will launch you back into Neverland with familiar characters like Tinker Bell and Captain Hook! But seventeen-year-old Elena Hart wonders if she has lost her mind when a girl appears in her bedroom claiming to be a fairy from Neverland, sent by Peter Pan, who wants Elena to come to Neverland and be his queen. Elena refuses the offer, but when the boy with strange, entrancing green eyes shows up, Elena agrees to go with him. When the pair arrives in Neverland, the strange boy wastes no time showing Elena the wonders of the magical island. But when the island is attacked by pirates, Elena is injured and wakes on the ship belonging to those pirates where she comes face to face with the striking but daunting Captain who tells her a very different version of the strange boy's story. Elena realizes that in her own story she must figure out for herself who the heroes and villains are.