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Cover Reveal and New Series Release! Check Out Soul Seekers for a spooky thrill!

THE LEAK OF MADNESS by Alice J. Black is the highly-anticipated prequel to the SOUL SEEKERS SERIES (an extended series of novellas that will be rolling out every other month all year long!) and it's available TODAY!!! Do you plan on going ghost hunting with Peyton? Because we've also revealed the cover of Book One: THE DARKNESS WITHIN, which picks up where THE LEAK OF MADNESS left off....

Today we have the official cover reveal for Book One after the prequel....

Drumroll please...

WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! What are your thoughts? If you're wondering about physical copies, The Parliament House plans to release paperback and hardback for the entire boxset in the middle of 2019!!!

Lot's of excitement surrounding THE SOUL SEEKERS...

THE DARKNESS WITHIN by British horror author Alice J. Black spooks bookshelves April 3rd!!!

The dead speak to Peyton. All her adult life, she’s used alcohol to drown out their spectral voices, but enough is enough! Peyton decides to turn her life around and stop drinking with the help of her best friend, Olivia. But without alcohol...the voices are back and they're louder and more demanding than ever. But what do they want from her? Enlisting the help of local psychic, Sylvia, Peyton discovers that her weird ability…is actually a gift. Just as she begins to settling in with the idea of accepting her ability, Peyton is thrust into a world of demons. The horror is paralyzing, and it soon becomes clear that it's not just the voices of the dead that are going to haunt her. Peyton realises that there is only one way to deal with her fears: facing them head on.

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The Parliament House Team

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