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Even More Magic in Cue for 2019 and 2020

Our Sorceress of New Adventures (Acquisitions Editor), Amanda Wright, has acquired several new stories from budding, brilliant authors...


The following titles and authors are coming soon to a shelf near you!

DM Siciliano

DM Siciliano is the author of the suspenseful, new horror fantasy INSIDE!

In 1987, Massachusetts, five friends invade a haunted house under the cover of night. From the moment they enter, things go horribly wrong.

A Shadow lurks in the darkness, and the front door disappears, leaving them trapped. Hunted by the Shadow, they flee through the one-roomed house that somehow changes and reshapes itself, forcing them into new rooms and corridors that don’t exist.

When the first friend is marked by the Shadow, they realize they may not make it out alive.

Can they band together and find a way out? Will someone have to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Celia McMahon

Celia McMahon is the author of the magical, YA fantasy UNSPOKEN!

Isabelle Rowan is a princess of the New Kingdom, sheltered and privileged, but forced to step up her role after her older brother dies in war. On the other side of the mountains, Fray Castor, A Voiceless, cursed people of Old Kingdom, abandons a life of rebellion to work at Stormwall Castle. When Isabelle is attacked outside of her home, Fray rescues her but not before she sees something she shouldn’t have seen. Determined to prove she’d seen forbidden magic, she plots with the Voiceless servant to uncover her father the king’s secrets.

Isabelle’s task becomes complicated when she finds herself falling for Fray. Even more so when she discovers the unsettling truth behind the Voiceless curse-that her father purposely used a poison to render their voices mute and forced their allegiance. They possess a great magic that transforms them into massive wolves called Gwylis and they’re set to march on Stormwall in an act of revenge. For Fray to aid her, she must find a cure to return his voice. Only then can he become a Gwylis. As Isabelle battles her growing feelings for Fray-a feeling that could mean changing everything she’s ever known, she twists in the coils of duty and love. If she chooses Fray she will lose more than her royal title-she will lose her life.

Heather Kindt

Heather Kindt is the author of the inventive, epic NA contemporary fantasy THE WEAVER, a planned series of three.

Most authors control the ending of their story, but most authors are not Weavers.

William Clarke is perfect for Delaney Holden. He’s ambitious, smart, funny, and could easily pose for the cover of a magazine. The only problem for Delaney is that he’s completely unavailable. It isn’t a supermodel girlfriend that stands in the way of eternal bliss, but the pages of a book. Delaney is infatuated with a character in the historical fiction novel she’s writing, but at the moment, her imaginary boyfriend is the least of her concerns.

The worries of the average girl in college revolve around making it into the right sorority, finding a hot guy to date, and keeping her credit card balance in check. Delaney has another worry to add to this list. When she is attacked in the subway by Jonas Webb, the scoundrel in her book, a family secret starts to unravel changing her ordinary college life into an unbelievable fantasy. She discovers that she is a Weaver.

Delaney’s ability as a Weaver bridges the narrow gap between imagination and reality, bringing her words to life. She is suspended between the reality of a teenage girl’s life and the fantasy of her writing. The two genres clash when Jonas reveals that he has a whole different ending planned for her book that involves killing the man she loves. Delaney finds herself in a situation where she must use her writing to save the people closest to her by weaving the most difficult words she will ever write.

Kristin Jacques

Kristin Jaques is the author of the unforgettable cross-over fantasy, THE MARROW CHARM!

In his pursuit of the occult, the Third Reich opened the Gate to a realm of magic and brought theworld to ruin.

Azure ‘Azzy’ Brimvine lives in a world decimated by magic, where humans have retreated underground from the overwhelming dangers of the surface. But Below is no safer than Above.

Magic borne plagues continue to eat away at the remaining human cities, a sickness that doesn’t merely kill, but creates aberrations from the stricken: people twisted by magic into something dark, dangerous, and powerful. It is an existence of fear and constant dread. When Azzy’s brother, Armin, is infected and cast out into the Above, she sets out after him, determined to be with him no matter what he becomes.

The world Above is full of monsters, both wild and cunning, some more human than Azzy was lead to believe. Armin is captured and bound for the Auction block of Avergard, a ruthless city of inhuman lords and twisted creatures. To reach him, Azzy must brave the perils of the Above and the chaotic life forms created by the Gate. To reach him, she must find allies and forge new bonds in this broken world.

And Azzy must reach him, before Armin’s new power is used to open the Gate once more.

Kali Rose

Kali Rose is the author of the enchanting, new adult fantasy novel, MAGIC IN THE COURT!

Elena Salas, an eighteen-year-old assassin born to a witch mother in Anglar during the time of King Nicolas Vasile’s anti-magical reign, knows what it means to fight for her survival. At the age of eight, her parents were brutally murdered by the king’s regime for being Magicks, and she, along with her childhood best friend Jamie, were sent into hiding for their survival. But after she is taken in chains from her once-secret underground home, she must walk the line between loyalty and betrayal as she is sentenced to serve the King of Anglar; the man who is responsible for the death of her parents.

Accepting the king’s job offer, if only to save Jamie’s life, she discovers she must do the impossible: Cross the Dark Forest – a woods teeming with black magic, vampires and werewolves, and said to be the home of Darklons – human-demon wizards with no moral conscious and a literal appetite for inflecting pain. On the other side of the forest is the infamous Garcari, a kingdom thriving with magic, helmed by Queen Raytha, rumored to be a mere Bone (non-magical human). Elena is tasked with slaying the queen, thereby allowing King Nicolas passage to invade and conquer. He believes if Raytha is dead, the Dark Forest’s dark magic will die, too.

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